Airwheel S5 Electric Mobility Scooter Changes Everything

Abstract: While more and more people get familiar with the concept of intelligent electric scooter, the need of the higher functions is inevitable. Airwheel S5 double-wheels electric scooter is such a product that satisfies the need of cross-country lovers.

Nowadays, electric scooters that aim at commuters in the cities are huge in number and most active in the intelligent self-balancing scooter industry. However, scooters directed against cross-country lovers can be less. Airwheel S5 electric mobility scooter changes everything and it adopts all the advantages of S3 and develops its own shining points.
Airwheel S5
What is the biggest improvement of Airwheel S5? For one thing, S5’s tougher look and smooth lines strengthen its functions. The foldable aluminum alloy control shaft makes it lighter, harder, more durable and stylish. Beside, S5 can own an outdoor light for illumination at night, which makes possible the cross-country sport at any time. For another, S5 double-wheels electric scooter has stronger power and better stability. With regard to the battery, S5 employs 680 kWh lithium battery, which offers larger lasting power capacity and longer lifespan.

With S5, there is no need to be anxious about the electricity blackout halfway. Airwheel S5 also introduces a more powerful motor, which is up to 1500W and makes possible the longer-distance trip. In addition, Airwheel S5 intelligent power scooter also adopts 16-inch jumbo tires, which helps it to challenge any terrain or go down the steps. Wheel hub is 495 mm in diameter, which provides S5 with a stronger land gripping ability. Also, the tail lights of S5 are automatic and they light up with the turning of the vehicle. This is a considerate detail design.

Safety is an important aspect in outdoor activities. However, Airwheel R&D team has done great job in the safety of S5. A natural silicon bumper is installed on S5 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter, which can reduce the damage from collision and friction towards scooter body. The equipped fender is another highlight. It is made from aero aluminum alloy, which enjoys good features of high hardness, light weight, excellent crashworthiness and large carrying capacity. The unique 4-inch LED panel offers various real-time data, like current speed, temperature, remaining electricity quantity and mileage, to riders directly.

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