Why Is Airwheel S5 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter So Popular?

Abstract: Airwheel S5, an improved version of the S-series, will never let the consumers down. The joining of S5 intelligent power scooter has further strengthened the status of Airwheel S-series.

In 2014, Airwheel S-series came on the scene. However, S-series only had two subtypes, including S3 and S3T. But since going on sale, the two products were well-received by the public. For one thing, the two-wheeled design was a great innovation. On the other hand, the two-wheeled structure is considered as impeccable and unsurpassable. Sleek and contoured, S-series double-wheels electric scooter is as sturdy as stylish. It is recognized as unsurpassable series in the design of scooter.
Airwheel S5
S5 can provide riders with a personal exclusive SUV experience. It draws on the merits of S3 and yet makes some improvements on that basis. Because S5 is seen with some improvements compared with its predecessor. Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter, just like S3 and S3T, implements the two-wheeled structure and the standing-posture riding mode. In terms of appearance, it, being sleek and fashionable, stands shoulder to shoulder with S3. To make a breakthrough, sheer repeated imitation is not enough at all. S5 self-balancing scooter has been through all-round upgrades and optimizations.
Airwheel S5
Airwheel S5 adopts 16-inch large tires. The premium tire quality enables S5 to conquer any terrains. S5 can easily conquer some seemingly dangerous situation, such as negotiating the rugged terrain and go downing the steps In terms of battery, 520 WH battery is adopted by S5 intelligent power scooter, and if it is compared with S3, the former offers larger lasting power capacity. With S5, riders are totally relieved from the anxiety of electricity blackout halfway. With S5, they can take a long-distance trip whenever they want.

What’s more, the shaft of Airwheel S5 electric standing scooter can be folded, leaving a larger storage space of it. The user can more easily put S5 into his trunk when he gets around. As it is very space-saving for its foldable shaft, one can bring it to anywhere, such as the office, the library, even his truck. The strong performances of Airwheel S5 enable riders to conquer all road conditions and help riders release the wildness. Airwheel S5 electric scooters are the best vehicles for releasing one’s pressure.

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