Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet-Safe Keeper and Also Freedom Keeper

Abstract: For a safer riding, wearing helmet is crucial. As the new generation helmet, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet can not only guard safe of head for riders but also gather many intelligent functions so as to make riding more conveniently.

Statistically, 75% dead result of fatal injuries on head in every year’s more than 500 riding death accidents. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear helmet during riding. Now looking the helmets in current market, we will find that this kind of product is no more than a role for protecting head from damage. A plenty of helmets are integrated with new technology and start to transform to be more intelligent. And here we want to say Airwheel C5 is such an intelligent helmet.
Airwheel C5
Normally speaking, people who love riding also love photography. In fact, they are unable to take a photo when they are riding. This is a big problem for them. C5 smart helmet, integrated with high definition sports camera, can be used for shooting through pushing the button on the helmet or the app installed in smart phone. Its lens is standing in the middle of the helmet and higher than eyes and has a super wide 150° view. What C5 records is more real.
Airwheel C5
Riding alone in the streets, you will feel much better with music. As we say, it is too dangerous to listen to music by wearing earplug when you are moving since it will disturb you from receiving the surrounding sounds. Comparatively, C5 intelligent helmet for road safety is equipped with Bluetooth module and open type earphones for connecting cell phones. In this way, riders can listen to music safely. Meanwhile, it also have microphone with noise reduction so it can pick up phone call automatically. It avoids too many steps for users.
Airwheel C5
Lastly, the comfortable wearing experience is also a highlight for C5 helmet camera with outstanding performance on security and function. Considering the different head girts, Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets is installed with adjuster to make small adjustment so as to reach the good effect of wearing. Besides, it has good ventilation system for keeping head clean and comfortable.

Airwheel C5 hopes to bring both safety and freedom for ease of your riding.

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