Airwheel F3 Drone with Camera Sees a Totally Different World

Abstract: Airwheel F3 drone with camera is able to restore every frame clearly and vividly. Its remote-controlled distance is 900 meters while shooting angle is 360 degrees. That is to say, people will gain a brand-new world from F3. Besides, F3 adopts APP control that can be installed in the phone. Then, people can realize different controls via the phone conveniently.

Unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV has been developing rapidly. Lately, Airwheel has started to enter into this field and has achieved great breakthrough. Airwheel F3 UAV fully proves that. Since it was released, it has become an elf in UAV sector. The small figure, light weight and foldable arms make F3 portable and convenient to carry and operate. The adopted intelligent battery management system and independent R&D circuit control chip pave the way for 720s duration of flight as well as 900m remote-controlled distance. Therefore, F3 is able to take pictures or record videos in different heights and angles. In other words, it can present totally different frames that ordinary cameras can’t do for people.
The outstanding advantage of Airwheel F3 drone with camera is the 4K resolution shooting system. On the basis of anti-shake design, it is able to capture wonderful moments precisely and truly. In the meantime, it offers three main photo modes, including one-photo shooting mode, time-lapse shooting mode and continuous capture shooting mode.


The photo editor is another highlight, which has the function of one key to beautify photo & video. In addition, Airwheel designs an exclusive APP for F3, too. Such an APP can be downloaded from official website and installed in the mobile phone. Then, people can control F3 via the photo conveniently. It realizes dual control modes: slide screen to control and somatosensory control.
Usually, people always want to share wonderful moments with friends and Airwheel F3 drone made it. Via the APP in the phone, people can share pictures or videos to some social media and let more people enjoy them. The last but not the least, F3 is equipped with intelligent electronic control system and automatic return system. That is to say, if in low battery or out of touch, it will return back automatically. It is really an UAV elf.

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