Airwheel R3 Electric Assist Bike Offers Enjoyable City Travels

Abstract: As city travels becomes much more difficult, people urgently need a type of portable and high-efficiency travel transport and Airwheel R3 electric assist bike is the one. It offers three riding modes, including bodybuilding mode, power-assistance mode and electricity-assisted mode, which make city travels enjoyable and exciting.

City travels become much more difficult than before. Indeed, more vehicles on road cause traffic jam as well as tense parking space. As the talent in portable travel transport field, Airwheel R3 electric assist bike is helpful to relieve difficult travels in city. According to the appearance, it is similar to ordinary bike, but it enjoys much richer functions and higher portability. The multiple folding system embodies great portability. The main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals can be folded. Then, people can put folded R3 in any small spaces, such as car trunk, office, elevator, subway or public bus and so on. It follows that tense parking space can be saved if more people are willing to select R3.
Airwheel R3 electric assist bike selects branded li-ion battery that supplies sufficient power. Meanwhile, the battery is protected by 8 circuit protections and thus it is more efficient and safer than ordinary batteries. The battery also serves as a portable power source with the USB port, which is compatible with the mainstream phones and tablets.


However, li-ion battery is not the only power. R3 offers three main riding modes. Bodybuilding mode comes very first. Under such a mode, the driving force is physical strength. In other words, it is like riding traditional bikes. Power-assistance mode is the second one. There are 0-11 gears for riders. Electricity-assisted mode offers an easy ride, for the 235W motor guarantees forceful power.
Like other Airwheel products, R3 electric power bike is also equipped with an exclusive APP. Users can use mobile phone to download such an APP from official website. Then, R3 is connected with the phone. According to the phone, people can get to know the real-time state of bike. In addition, they can also realize some controls. For example, the fault self-diagnosis can inspect whether R3 is functional or not. All in all, it offers enjoyable and safe travels in city.

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