Airwheel R3 Portable Electric Bike Is To Meet Your Unique Riding Demand

Abstract: With the fast development of transportation, bicycles are gradually replaced by more advanced vehicles. However, there are still some youngsters who insist to achieve their dream of leisure riding or competition riding. Airwheel R3 electric assist bike kit gathers three riding modes and it runs well by varying speed. If you are not capable of refitting technology, R3 can basically meet up with your daily need.

Once, almost everybody had one bicycle and this vehicle provides great convenience at that time. Now, Airwheel hopes that those who aren’t good at refitting vehicles can have chance to take a close connection with fashion. Airwheel has contributed many outstanding intelligent vehicles for the new generation consumers so stepping into the field of bicycles is also logical. The release of R3 electric moped bike will attract more people to notice this new transporting vehicle.
Airwheel sets three-step folding with less energy and space. After bending the main body, rod and handrails, riders can carry it very conveniently. Office workers can directly take them into office corner. The most amazing part lies in the three-mode owned by R3 citizen folding electric bike.


When you’d like to ride without spending any energy, the electric-only mode can output electric energy and drive each key part to operate continuously. As their names imply, the electric mode means that R3 electric assist bike is completely driven by adopted lithium-ion battery. All the fashions and accessories you need to ride even without breaking a sweat.
When you want to ride but don’t want to be very tired, you can set the speed under the electric assistance mode; but when you choose to find pleasure by riding bicycles, fitness-mode will help you get out of electricity completely. Health is the salt of life. And playing Airwheel R3 is necessary to health. R3 is about the experience and thrill and the enjoyment of getting around the planet by bike. With so many ways to travels with your Airwheel R3, you have no excuse but to go out there and see the world. In a word, Airwheel R3 electric assist urban bike is able to meet your unique riding demand.

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