What Are the Three Riding Modes of Airwheel R3 Electric Moped Bike?

Abstract: Airwheel R3 electric moped bike is famous for rich riding modes, which include electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and bodybuilding mode. Riders can select one according to their preference. The first two modes are suitable for daily travels, while the last mode is designed for exercise.

At present, travel transports tend to multifunction and Airwheel R3 electric moped bike must be the best example. Its target consumers are ranging from little pupils to retired people, which mainly benefits from rich functions and high riding safety. Take riding mode for example. R3 electric assist bike owns as many as three riding modes. People have more choices and daily travels become much more enjoyable. What are three riding modes? The following will unveil them one after another.
If people hope for relaxing and comfortable riding, electricity-assisted mode is the most suitable choice. Airwheel R3 electric assist bike is equipped with imported lithium-ion battery that offers powerful and stable force. Meanwhile, the battery has two charging ways. The battery is located in the below of the saddle. People can remove it to charge or connect the power source to charge. Both of two ways are very convenient. The battery also has USB connector, which can be used to charge cell phone or other small electrical devices. There are some people who just ask for some power from battery. Maybe, they want to save energy or to exercise muscles of legs. Here comes the second mode: power-assistance mode. This mode has 12 gears that are from 0 to 11. Different gears offer different levels of power assistance. Besides, such a mode largely lengthens total range. What if people want to take exercise by bicycling? R3 also realizes exercise goal and here comes bodybuilding mode or man-powered mode. As its name implies, it is driven by physical strength and will fully exercise people’s body.
As a successful work of Airwheel, R3 electric folding bike not only offers rich riding modes, but also facilitates people’s life in a real sense. It is helpful to relieve city traffic as well as protect the living environment. In the near future, it will become the mainstream in travel field, which is also the terminal target of Airwheel.

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