What Are The Technological Breakthroughs Made By Airwheel R3 Electric Aided-Bicycle?

Abstract: With the advanced designs and techniques, Airwheel is always making great efforts to provide new products that tally with green life style. Then, in early 2017, Airwheel published an extraordinary new arrival-R3 electric assist urban bike.

Filled with serious industrial pollution, modern focus has been shifted onto green and eco electronic products. As new and trend-setting electronic products, Airwheel mars rovers have shown superior performance in environment preservation and daily commuting. In early 2017, Airwheel published an extraordinary product-R3 citizen e-bike. Two 14-inch tires attracted attention from all guests. It is praised as the exclusive personal e bike for the public. R3 has taken in the best technological experience of its former models, like R5. R3 electric assist bike kit is also has three ride styles, man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles. Riders can alter these styles freely.
Its design concept is full of challenge. During the R&D process, it has achieved more stable performance than other types. It is well-known that the tires of sport utility vehicles are much bigger, wider and thicker than that of ordinary road cars. Therefore, it selects 14-inch tires. The contact area of ground and R3’s tires is much bigger, which paves the way for bigger friction force and thus enjoys better adaptability. Thus, R3 electric aided-bicycle gives people relaxing and wonderful outdoor riding experience. However, powerful off-road performance can’t do without larger battery capacity. Comparatively speaking, it takes more energy if riding on rugged roads. The battery capacity of R3 is 214.6W and it is also can be ridden by man-power. Among various e bikes, Airwheel R3 electric assist urban bike has achieved a thumping win in terms of performance and appearance.
With hundreds of millions of e-bikes already on the road, e-bike sales are now surging in the world-especially in the countries with long cycling traditions. In the modern society where there is high cost of land, to save space shows its great importance. To save space, try Airwheel R3. If you are still wandering around to select one, Airwheel R3 electric folding bike can be a nice choice. One bike meets more than one requirement.

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