Airwheel R3 Electric Power Bike Popularizes a Green and Healthy Travel Fashion

Abstract: Airwheel always advocates green and healthy lifestyle, which is embodied in its products. Take its travel transports for example. They are powered by lithium-ion battery and thus are environmental-friendly. What is more, they can cover almost all of travels in people’s life. Airwheel R3 electric power bike is a typical example, which has done great job in offering green and healthy travel fashion.

Nowadays, people have too many means of travel, such as riding bicycle or motorcycle, taking public transports or driving private car and so on. As the quality of living environment is declining with each passing day, more and more people are willing to select electricity or man-powered transports instead of gasoline-powered vehicles. On the current market, Airwheel has done great job in offering green and low-carbon travel transports. Airwheel R3 electric power bike is one of successful works and it popularizes a green and healthy travel fashion.
Airwheel R3 citizen e-bike is a foldable bike and also an electric bike. Several simple steps will fold its main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals. The folded figure is very small and bids farewell troublesome. It has chain. In other words, it is like traditional bike and relies on physical strength to run. If riders choose man-powered riding mode, they actually do aerobic exercise. The muscles in back, neck, four limbs and waist will be fully exercised, which not only strengthens physical fitness, but also effectively remits soreness in neck and back. After all, many people spend too much time lowering head to watch cell phone or read books.
However, man-powered is not the only riding mode of Airwheel R3 electric moped bike. Under its saddle, there is a lithium-ion battery, which paves the way for another two riding modes: electricity-assisted mode and power-assistance mode. The former is similar to riding e bikes and riders are totally effortless, because it is driven by battery. The latter is a little complicated. It offers 12 gears, from 0 to 11. The gear decides level of power assistance. That is to say, the driving force of R3 is combination of lithium-ion battery and physical strength. Rich modes make riding interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, riding is green and healthy.

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