If You Select Motorcycle as Commute Transport, You Also Need Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet

Abstract: Airwheel has done excellent job in helmet field and its C-series contains three helmets, including C5, C6 and C8. Different helmet type enjoys different application area. Usually, C5 is designed for bicycle, C6 is for motorcycle and C8 is for various racings. If people select motorcycle as their commute transport, they also need C8.

In big city, most people have the experience of being stuck in congested traffic, especially in rush hours. In order to fight with traffic jam, they have no choice but give up early in the morning and get home late after work. Workdays for them are like racing with time. An effective travel transport is very important to them. Some people choose private car, while some other people prefer to ride motorcycle. If they select motorcycle, they also need Airwheel C8 smart helmet. It will help them to defeat traffic jam and make commute journey enjoyable.
In rush hours, there are many vehicles on road and thus it is quite dangerous for people to ride motorcycle. However, their security can be guaranteed as long as they are willing to wear Airwheel C8 full face helmet.


Inside and out, C8 is made up of three layers, which includes high-quality and removable cotton lining, America imported foaming EPS and strong plastic ABS. On the one hand, the strong surface shell will resist external harms. On the other hand, it gives head comfortable feeling. Even if people are caught by traffic accident, it will protect them to the hilt. Wear C8 and weave in high streets and back lanes. People will win the racing with traffic jam and valuable time.
At the same time, Airwheel C8 racing helmet has the function of non-net video 24h. In other word, it is able to record every moment in the commute journey. If traffic accident happens, it will offer forceful evidence to prove who need to bear the main responsibility. In addition, C8 has several other useful functions, such as playing music, answering the phone, taking pictures or recording videos. The commute journey won’t be boring any more. Don’t look down upon a small helmet. Sometimes, it will change a lot, like C8.

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