To Build a Friend Circle with Airwheel M3 electric skateboard

Abstract: Will you feel lonely when you are shopping, eating in the restaurant, watching a romantic movie, and even enjoying the beautiful sights by the sea sides by yourself? The time of being alone may be very different if one has Airwheel M3 electric skateboard and with M3, you can build your own friend circle.

The inspiration of Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard comes from the traditional skateboards. M3 has the structures of skateboards and the intelligent and powerful inside vehicle units that make them the very different products from traditional skateboards. The wheels are specially designed for M3. Above the four wheels there are the shock absorption modules made of special TPU materials, which are durable and effective.
The prominent point of M3 electric skateboards is that it is much easier to learn than traditional skateboards. With the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control, riders can control the infinitely variable speeds and the directions. The operating principle is that the control chip, installed in the internal part of skateboard, collects data throughout the vehicle, and transmits to the phone wirelessly. While the visualization data through instant analysis computation, can be feed backed to the user by mobile phone APP in real-time. The exclusive remote controller and the phone APP enable M3 to make people the road surfer and offer people excitement even its “alone” time.


Between the front wheels there are the power bank which contains double circuits and double control microchips which guarantee that the whole control system of M3 self-balancing air board are efficient and stable. There are many other intelligent functions, which make M3 electric hoverboard the intelligent and helpful companions of riders. With Airwheel M3, one’s life will be filled up with joy even there is no one companying. The fashionable designs make them catch people’s eyes from the first sight. The strong performances of M3 make them the vehicles offering people unlimited creation in the cities.

To conclude, Airwheel M3 electric air board motivate people’s creations of combining the traditional ways of playing skateboards with intelligent technologies. With the company of like-minded friends, your life will be more colourful.

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