Airwheel C8 Smart Helmet Heads Up Display Is Just What You Want.

Abstract: If you are an adventure enthusiast, you need Airwheel C8 helmet for Extreme sports. Surely, it is what you want. The white one symbolizes coolness and mysteries while the black gives uncertainty and much power, which conforms to the spirit of adventure. Which one will you choose?

Now, two colors of Airwheel C8 racing helmet Airwheel are available, the simple white and classic black. White one reminds sports lovers of the shiny snowfield in the sun. It also reminds the riders of coolness and mysteries like the appealing adventures. Black symbolizes deep insight and calmness. It reminds the adventure lovers of the darkness at night in the unknown areas. Darkness gives riders uncertain feelings and great power. Therefore, Airwheel C8 is in line with the essence of adventure.


Airwheel C8 helmet heads up display also gives the riders much fun and excitement. It is equipped with high-quality audio and cameras to ensure fantastic experience for the riders. Camera makes every moment perpetual. Time erases all things in life except memories which becomes the indispensable part of oneself. C8 racing helmet has a built-in camera which can take photos and videos along the way to catch every exciting moment, for example, a fantastic rainbow hanging in the sky, beautiful sunset over the horizon and the sun is like a slice of bread cut by the skyline slowly and unique customs and cultures which has never been experienced, etc. Besides, its resolution ratio is 2304*1296 which is easy for watching photos and videos.

Besides, Airwheel C8 smart helmet is equipped with Bluetooth, which integrates sight, hearing and tactile senses. What’s more, it can be connected to smart phone that allow riders to send and enjoy his favorite music without having to wear uncomfortable earphones. How fantastic the travel is with C8 full face helmet. High quality audio can play music and the riders will be in high spirits when they listen to their favorite music. The moving scenery along with the fantastic rhythms and melodies offers a brand new experience, which is totally different from listening to the music motionlessly. That’s because the scenery changes every moment and the rider never knows what will happen in the next second.

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