To Have A Better Travelling Experience with Airwheel H3 Electric Folding Wheelchair

Abstract: With the unlimited development of modern urbanization, people’s working and family load has become heavier and heavier day by day. For those who have difficulty in walking, their pressure is much heavier than others. How to release it? How about the Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair designed for them.

The working and family burden of modern city residents has become heavier and heavier with the rapid development of modern city. The competition in every industry has become fiercer due to the alarming increase of the volume of the popularity of modern city. The competition and working load of modern city people are getting heavier and heavier which made some people prefer to go out of modern city to relax themselves in the weekend or on holiday. For those who have difficulty in walking, their pressure is much heavier than others. Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is going to help people have a better travelling experience in the wild or the nature.
Travelling far from modern city to embrace the freshness of the wild is a preferable choice for most city dwellers. In most occasions, people will choose to drive automobiles out of the modern city quickly. However, driving a car is so cold and indifferent for people to get an intimate connection with the nature. And it is inconvenient for the people who have difficulty in walking to drive a car. Airwheel H3 outdoor/indoor smart electric wheelchair, as a great companion for car users, is very easy to be folded and packed thanks to the automatic folding system during travelling which makes it the best way for people to take in a wild travelling.
More importantly, H3 is super easy to manipulate. All the controls can be made through the handlebar, like going forward, backward, braking and turning directions. What’s more, with the 8incn front wheels and 12.5 inch back wheels, H3 electric wheelchair has excellent traffic ability to conquer many road conditions. For some people who prefer to travel inside of modern city in a weekend or a holiday, Airwheel H3 is also a great choice. Taking an Airwheel H3 will help people get rid of the traffic jam and have a better connection with the modern city.

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