Airwheel R8 Trekking Bike— Design For Better Riding Experience

Abstract: Everyone desires to take even half day’s off to get around in the open field, leaving behind all the working pressures and daily chaos. For a low-carbon and comfortable trip, smart e bikes will be of optimal choice. To be specific, Airwheel R8 electric cross bike, with an innovative three operation modes stands out.

Airwheel has launched the first electric assist bicycle with three operation modes, R5. Inheriting the innovative spirit and technological strength, R8 hybrid bike has shown its talent in the competitive industry. Though the release of R8 has no more than two weeks, the sales volume of Airwheel R8 has broken record. What has created this wonder? The answer is R8 itself.
Smart Electric Bike
The designing concept of R8 triangle frame electric bike is another surprising move to steal spotlight for Airwheel. There is a practical reason for such an invention. The triangle frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminium alloy casting to lock the joint, firm and crush resistance. Its brushless motor takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, with precise controllability, invariableness turning speed and power saving, greatly reducing friction during running to give riders a smooth and low noise ride.

Airwheel R8

Riding any kind of vehicle for long will lead to fatigue and being boring. This has been a major obstacle which affects some people’s choice of the products. As batteries keep evolving, the battery life will be hugely enhanced and the misgivings will be dispelled. Airwheel R8 Smart Electric Bike, equipped with an adjustable saddle, and more importantly with three ride modes has broken the barrier for e bike which once was called a short distance commuting tool. In electricity assisted mode, riders need to sit on the saddle and step on the pedals one foot by one foot. When riders are ready to ride it, they can push the accelerator in the right handle to accelerate. Also, rides can pedal R8 electric assist bike to go forward if they choose man-powered mode. In power-assisted mode, riders can enjoy the longer range and labor saving riding experience.

Smart Electric Bike

The acceptance and popularity of a product depends on the riding experience it has generated to its rider. Airwheel R8 lightweight trekking bike is designed for better riding experience.

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