Airwheel Smart Helmet Is Complementary To Smart Electric Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel smart helmet is a brilliant accessory product that can greatly improves the riding experience for motorcycle riders, ensuring both riding safety and comforts. So far, there are three models in C series—C5, C6 and C8 which are able to benefit both Airwheel and non-Airwheel riders, bringing convenient and wonderful riding experience.
Airwheel C5
Airwheel Bluetooth helmet is such a smart accessory for riders that works as an indispensable equipment. The multi-functional Airwheel intelligent helmet ensures a safer and more interesting Airwheel riding experiences. So far, there are three models in C series—C5, C6 and C8 which are complementary to the other vehicles. C5 is born for the masses, C6 smart helmets for motorcycle riders and C8 full face helmet for racers. Due to its optimized design in accordance with ergonomics, they can fit into different head sizes and forms, so rider are able to wear the Airwheel smart helmet easily and comfortably. In terms of better riding experiences and more riding safety, it is equipped with windshields so that the eyes of riders will be well protected from winds or sands, and this is particularly useful for riders.
Airwheel C6
Airwheel smart helmet is a smart accessory for the public, which has realized multiple functions like telecommunications, photographing, status keeping, etc. They will become the most useful and interesting helmet for riders, making life experience extremely fun and easy. They are the epitome of high-tech advancements. With the application of wireless Bluetooth transmission technology, riders are able to answer the call without pulling off the helmet during the riding, which is really convenient and useful.
Airwheel C8
Extreme sports enthusiasts are interested in the versatile and portable GoPro, often used in extreme-action videography and part of the connected sport movement and Airwheel sports helmet is equipped with the equipped intelligent camera, so riders are able to record the scenery on road automatically because the all-glass lens with wide viewing angle is able to capture any fantastic picture during the journey. Most importantly, it is anti-shake, so the intelligent helmet can help riders record any beautiful scenery perfectly. In a word, Airwheel helmet camera is a brilliant fruit of high-tech applications, which shows the trend of high-techs—to let people enjoy a free intelligent life.

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