Airwheel R8 Electric Cross Bike Will Bring Riders Surprises Every Day

Abstract: The electric vehicle has a great development and is attracting more people’s attention with its outstanding and special advantages. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike breaks the traditional conception and stands out. It is doomed as a portable and practical vehicle in your life and it will bring you surprises every day.

No matter in any industry, the companies with large market shares are always good at sustaining innovations and know how to jump from old technology to new technology along the sustained innovation path. Airwheel insists in bringing out its potentials to the most and providing the best products to its fans. Following R5, R3 and R6, Airwheel rolled out another product belonging to R series—R8 lightweight trekking bike. Light aluminum alloy frame, intelligent control system and imported are all mounted into R8.
Airwheel R8
Bringing unprecedented riding experience, convenient to use and paying attention to every detail, Airwheel R8 hybrid bike is competent to be your favorite bike. Firstly, the remarkable triangle-shaped body looks like very simple and elegant. But what’s the most prominent feature for this design that has already been acquired international patent? The intersection of triangle-shaped frame, just a small part, plays a key role. By lightly poking, users can finish the folding of the main frame and then pack the handrails, saddles and pedals. At that moment, they will find the R8 with different shape.
Airwheel R8
Besides, R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike also has excellent performance due to the 26-inch large tires in facing with various road surfaces. Meanwhile, the EBS braking in the head and the headlight facilitate riders to move in night’s riding. For one thing, users can turn on the headlight. For another, the EBS braking will ensure the riding efficiency by providing different demand of energy consumption in accordance with systematic algorithm. Vector accelerator will make a scientific judge when starting for making it move smoothly and steadily.
Airwheel R8
Others are worth mentioning details as follows. If the battery pack is fixed on the body, it will be a trouble for charging or repairing. On the contrary, R8 electric cross bike installs replaceable design on its battery pack. The added USB interface also brings convenience to users as it can be portable power supply for charging smartphones. Moreover, its trip computer shows the instant info to make the journey safe.

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