Airwheel R6 Smart Electric Bike—A Guidance to Future Popular Commuting

Abstract: With eco-friendly and efficient features, the e bikes are gaining acceptance in the transportation industry. The new things appeal to more people. Airwheel, by adding more intelligent features to the existing e-bikes, is bringing changes to riding—for instance the R6 hybrid bike.

Since entering the intelligent commuting industry, Airwheel has launched many series of smart vehicles to innovate the way people travelling. As an established intelligent vehicle manufacturer, Airwheel has launched a multi-functional R series of electric assist bike, to better serve daily commuters, as the e bikes with eco-friendly and efficient features are gaining popularity among riders. In the four models of R series, what are the unique features of R6 smart electric assist bicycle?

Airwheel R6

After continuous development, R6 has been rolled out and it has made some improvements in details and enhancing user experience. R6’s main frame is made of light-weighted aluminum alloy, enables it to carry a maximum weight of 100kg. Car-level painting makes it corrosion resistant and enjoys longer service life. R6 smart electric assist bicycle is equipped with 14 inch customized tires, with superior grip effect and suspension performance. The large wheel hub makes the vehicle move stably on even rough roads. Moreover, it has also been made extremely foldable. Riders just push one button to fold it automatically into a mini size to carry around or store.

Airwheel R6

Besides, riders can easily switch different operating modes. In the bodybuilding mode, R6 functions as a pure bike. Riders need to pedal to drive it ahead. This mode is fit for leisure riding or working out daily. But when riders switch it into a power-assisted mode, the powerful hub motor offers powerful and stable force. It can save riders’ physical labor. After a day’s toil, the R6 pedal assist bike will carry people around without causing any burden. It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h, faster than bikes. There is also a compromised choice, the electricity-assistance mode. Riders can pedal with the assistance of power output by the motor, with various gears available.

Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike pushes riders to go out of room and leave cars at home. Now feel the magic of R6.

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