Ingenious Designs Define the Airwheel R8 Triangle Frame Electric Bike

Abstract: The original intention of electric bikes is to save time and energy for daily commuters. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike is more than a bike mounted with battery. There are too much innovative features designed to make it a more scientific product and provide the best user experience.

Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike with ingenious designs will overturn people’s traditional concepts about the new type of commuting device. Appearance delivers first impression but internal quality determines its popularity. Airwheel always highlights the comfort level when introducing new products. It can be purely driven by electricity or riders can pedal to drive the vehicle with the assistance of the ahead. There is a button on the handle and the vehicle accelerates easily by riders pushing the button.
Airwheel R8 electric bike
Turning off the power assistance, it can function as a traditional bike. Therefore, R8 lightweight Triangle Electric Bike has bodybuilding functions for daily commuters who lack time to work out in gyms. Mounted with high-performance motor and Li-ion battery, the vehicle also enables power-assistance and electricity assistance operating mode. Riders can choose different operating modes according to their physical status. Even when the vehicle is run out of battery, riders can still pedal.
Airwheel R8 electric bike
R8 adopts 26inch large wheels and it can confidently conquers complicated urban road conditions, without causing any discomfort. A smarter gadget as R8 triangle frame electric bike, is equipped with a customized App. Once downloading to a phone, the status of the vehicle will be more visualized. There will be no more worries about a breakdown on the voyage, if users check the fault self-diagnosis before a ride. Even when the vehicle is not by their side, they can locate it by the real-time positioning on the APP.

Nevertheless, more and more people find that with the continuous increasing of the popularity of modern city, people’s life is getting more indifferent and colder day by day. Now, they can ride R8 electric cross bike to have a ride and share their mood and experience. This is an important way to promote the relationship. With all these features, Airwheel R8 hybrid bike will definitely top all the other similar products in the market.

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