A fulfilling summer vacation with Airwheel R6 electric bike is at your fingertips

Abstract: Hot days are striking now and the only consolation is the summer vacation for students. How to spend such a precious holiday? Certainly study can’t stop but entertainment is also necessary. For those who have this treatment, a hybrid electric bike-Airwheel R6 electric bike can make their holiday more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling.

Summer vacation seems a paradise for those who are in student ages. It always mean a lot of outdoor activities will coming except studying at indoors. Here Airwheel R6 can be listed in your consideration for the travelling during the holiday. And it is believed that it will accompany you to have a more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling summer vacation. Maybe the most attracting part for R6 smart e-bike is its operating riding modes. The three modes are bicycle mode, electromobile mode and moped mode. For the first mode, it is definitely a green way to go out and riders can get exercises and feel the original pedaling under this mode; for the second mode, what R6 smart electric assist bicycle can provide is the full acceleration and the completely relax feel without spending body strength; and for the last mode, riders can enjoy the journey with ease through adjusting the 11 gears, which is a really fantastic experience. You, students, will love it very much.
Airwheel R6
To clearly know the each data, R6 intelligent electric bike is mounted with a trip computer. On the one hand, it can help the rider to alter freely among the three ride modes. On the other hand, the real-time data like the speed, riding mileage, electricity usage, setting and timely fault reminder etc., can be monitored so as to make the riding much safer. Furthermore, the red and bright brake light in the tail of R6 will be on when you press the brake switch to remind the pedestrian and vehicles behind you to reserve a safe distance with you.
Airwheel R6
Light in weight and small in size, R6 electric folding bike is also very portable. Its folding volume can be equivalent to a suitcase so putting it into a car trunk is also OK. Similarly, it also can be taken into the subway, bus and office. Obviously Airwheel R6 will accompany you to have a fulfilling summer vacation.

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