Airwheel R6 Smart E-Bike Makes Every Journey an Interesting Experience

Abstract: Whether a journey is enjoyable or not, a travel transport is very important. Airwheel R6 smart e-bike is a transport that can make every journey an interesting experience. The cool appearance, rich ride modes, convenient storage and strong adaptability to different road conditions make it the first choice for every travel.

On the basis of diligent research and work, Airwheel offers many great travel transports and Airwheel R6 smart electric assist bicycle is one of them. Generally speaking, people judge whether a travel transport is good or not mainly according to the personal experience. R6 has done great job in offering excellent travel experience, which benefits from rich ride modes, strong adaptability to different road conditions and some other humanized designs. All of them contribute to a happy journey.
Airwheel R6
Cool appearance is the first impression of Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike on people. Indeed, it is designed by first-class designer in the world and every detail has been taken into full consideration. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame with high strength paves the way for light item weight but big load capacity. Airwheel selects car-level painting tech.

Airwheel R6

Low temperature painting technology enables R6’s appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance as well as long service life. A pair of 14-inch big tires is bright spot. The special tread pattern in the surface contributes to excellent grip performance, skid resistance and high stability. Then, R6 is able to challenge many different road conditions. The 230W wheel hub motor integrates electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking device so as to offer powerful and stable force.
Airwheel R6
Speaking of force, the imported and branded lithium-ion battery also plays an important role, which provides sufficient power supply for Airwheel R6 electric assist bike. According to power source, the ride mode of R6 can be divided into three kinds, including bicycle mode, moped mode and electrombile mode. As name implies, their power comes from man power, the combination of man power and battery, and battery respectively. Riders can select one in accordance with their own need. For example, if people want to take exercise, bicycle mode is the first choice. Above all, R6 offers journey power and diversified ride modes. Of course, it is interesting.

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