Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter Entering In The Phase Of The Mobile Phone APP

Abstract: In the sector of the mobile phone, the smart phone is predominating in the current market. With the smart phone, the user can watch the live news, listen to the music, socialise with friends and so on. Airwheel catches on the trend and releases its exclusive App for its mars rovers.

Now we cannot go without the smart phone. Even the contemporary media and service previous offered by the society also enter the mobile phone. They get embarking upon the new breakthrough. Numerous electronic equipment is also connected and compatible with the mobile phone. For the sector of electric scooter, it is the same. Airwheel electric hoverboard is always keeping itself ahead of time in the market for smart gadgets. It has long spared on effort in the integration between electric scooter and mobile phone. The effort bears fruit and Airwheel gained a great achievement.
Airwheel APP
Amongst a string of products, Airwheel A3 mars rover starts the App era. Now, all the models can be connected to their smart phones. Airwheel IT engineers developed an App and posted online. The users of android and ISO phones can freely download it. After installing it, the user can connect their mars rover into the mobile phone. On the App, they can have an overall data and detailed status of the electric scooters. The power, the distance the rider covers and the analysis on the status is displayed on the App, which is a helpful window for the user to learn about the status.
Now, new functions have been added to Airwheel App. Its App fault self-test displaying riding speed, path and gear etc. makes ride intelligent and convenient. Also, the change mode of R series electric assist bicycle can be realized via the App. With the increasing diversity of products, the App can be applied to the smart mars rovers as well as the intelligent helmets. You can take pictures and shoot videos through the App with simpler operation. The integration between Airwheel smart gadgets and the App on the mobile phone is not in the least against the design philosophy of Airwheel. The integration of Airwheel into the smart phone represents the smart design. No doubt, Airwheel will go far on the path to the smartness.

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