Airwheel R8 Electric Mountain Bike Brings Sweet Surprise To Riders

Abstract: In May 2017, Airwheel came out with two new product–R8 and R6 electric assist bikes featuring multiple ride modes. Its appearance means e scooter is not the single attention for Airwheel and a new era of e bike is coming.

New product Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike of R-series appears with its unique and elegant outlook and smart operation to the public. Features of high safety performance and multiple function will draw attention from more e bike-lovers. Airwheel R8 will bring sweet surprise to riders’ ordinary lives. Perfect hardware facilities and intelligent operation ensure the security, meanwhile, make riding more comfortable and exciting.
Airwheel R8
Riders can enjoy the wonderful journey without worrying about the worst nightmare, running out of juice thanks to the modular battery design of Airwheel R8 hybrid bike. The top speed of R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike is 20km/h, and the limit speed is very convenient to adjust as riders’ wish. If that’s all it takes, there is no enough attraction to e bike-lovers, so, safety plays a key role. The front and rear disc brakes of R8 has high safety performance, riders can brake quickly. When there is emergency, the excellent front and rear disc brakes will make riders deal with different kinds of road conditions easily. Its trip computer allows riders to monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely failure alert etc., to make riding much safer.
Airwheel R8
Another obvious feature of R8 lightweight trekking bike is the much more humanism designs which not only makes city riding more comfortable, but also makes customer base wilder. The handle can be adjusted for different groups to ensure the most comfortable riding experience. For smooth riding, the damping system can absorb shock. The branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions.
Airwheel R8
Intelligence is another label on R8. It can be connected to riders’ phones via App, once connected, all data about it will show on the App, then people can control R8 electric mountain bike such as turning on lights, locking and unlocking, GPS and so on at their fingertip via App. R8 makes a great breakthrough of traditional bike design, and ushers a new era of e bike.

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