H3 Smart Electric Wheelchair Is A Timeless Credit To Airwheel

Abstract: Airwheel H3 is a credit to Airwheel. It was released in May 2017 that was hailed as a historic moment. The moment H3 made its debut, it came under the spotlights. It comes a blessing to people who are wheelchair-bound. H3 created much of a stir in the electric wheelchair industry.

Fatigue never comes even if the scooter rider spends much time on amusing himself. For the reason of the large-scale adoption of stand-on riding mode, riders are always exhausted after a long-distance trip. Airwheel A3 sitting posture self-balancing scooter turns out to be a solution to this issue. What about the physically inconvenienced people? The new released H3 folding electric wheelchair comes as a blessing to them equipped with a softer and wides saddle than A3.
Airwheel H3
The branded lithium-ion battery is still used in H3. It provides large power capacity and long range for H3. Once fully charged, H3 can cover a quite long distance. H3 will probably become a trend leader in wheelchair sector owing to its convenience, affordability and environmental benefit. With Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair, there is no need to worry about the electricity blackout during the ride halfway.
Airwheel H3
Actually, it is understandable for consumers to have such a misunderstanding that H3 has so many advantages. Actually, such misgivings are not needed. On the one hand, its branded lithium-ion battery does well in power performance and endurance. H3 electric folding wheelchair can be connected with a smart phone App. You can check the electricity status on the phone or on the scooter display panel. The dream of controlling the scooter finally comes true in H3. Moreover, the entire H3 is capable of carrying 130 kg in total in spite of its lightweight design of 30.5kg. With the Omni-directional wheel design, its operation is more flexible with 360°steering.
Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair
Is it reasonable to regard the two new technology as the basic technology in H-series? There is no absolute answer. Both of the automatic folding system and intelligent controller are eye-opener. The automatic folding system ensures the easy storage and the intelligent controller makes sure the easy operation of H3 automatic electric wheelchair, notably for the beginner.

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