What kind of change will Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase bring to your travel?

Abstract: Good design always brings a lot of convenience to life. Airwheel has launched a smart suitcase called SE3. What kind of change will it bring to your travel?

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Your travel experience changes will begin after when you press the mode switch button on Airwheel SE3 motorized rideable luggage. It will automatically start the riding wheel and the riding rod. After that, you can manually adjust the height of the riding rod to ride, and the riding speed can reach 10km/h. SE3 adopts 6-inch front motor wheel, and two rear 8-inch air tires. It has excellent passability and can ride smoothly on urban road conditions, like carpets, grass, slopes, etc. It can be used as a means of transportation in large facilities such as airports, stations, hotels, etc., to travel more efficiently.

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The appearance is similar to that of a regular suitcase. The internal storage space of the cabinet is 29.3L, which has a reasonable functional partition, which can be used to sort the items required for travel and to facilitate access. The SE3 suitcase electric scooter is made of ABS+PC material, which has the advantages of anti-slip, wear-resisting and waterproof, and can maintain a good state and a non-destructive appearance during long-term travel. In order to further strengthen the suitcase and ensure that the baggage in the SE3 is free from external force, the inside is also reinforced with two sets of whole aluminum alloy frames, making load reach 100kg.

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Because it is mainly driven by electric energy, the Airwheel SE3 riding luggage is equipped with a battery pack in removable design, which can be directly disassembled without using tools, very convenient and easy to operate. In addition, the optional battery pack is 185Wh. In order to save the user from the anxiety of zero power that will be faced during the journey, the SE3 rideable smart suitcase’s external cabinet is also designed with a USB interface to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices anytime and anywhere. The side of the cabinet is also designed with colorful water lamps and dynamic lighting. Even at night, you can identify its own suitcases at the first time, and makes you safer on the road.

airwheelse3-smart riding suitcase

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