Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage is a must-have for my every travel.

Abstract: Why traveling is so appealing? As traveling benefits us in many aspects. Tne why is Airwheel SE3mini carry-on smart luggage a must-have for my journey? The followings will also persuade you to get one for next travel.

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At present, smart technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, and the application scenarios are no longer limited to products such as mobile phones and televisions. In order to change the problem of too laborious and inconvenient to drag suitcases during traditional journeys, suitcases are also used by smart technology companies. Airwheel SE3mini is a smart luggage that has been transformed and upgraded, enabling us to ride.

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SE3mini riding luggage has an internal storage space of 26L, and is designed with reasonable functional partitions, which can facilitate the convenient storage and organization of luggage;The main frame is fully reinforced with aviation aluminum alloy materials, and the strength and hardness are strengthened with special technology. The load reaches 100kg. it has an ABS + PC casing, which is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, splash-proof, and it can also stay brand new in long time use;

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it has a three-stage adjustable double-row design rod, which can satisfy the comfortable dragging experience of users of different heights, but as a smart luggage, the Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage does not stop there.

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Airwheel SE3mini robotics suitcase is equipped with powerful motor wheels, with strong passability and good shock absorption performance. Driven by electric power, it can ride forward at a speed of 10km / h. The riding operation is just to switch from the normal mode to the riding mode, just press the stretch / fold switch on the suitcase, and then pull out the riding rod, and then turn the handle to move forward. Anyone can ride right away.

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The lithium battery pack that provides the main source of power for the SE3mini suitcase electric scooter which adopts a design that can be easily disassembled, and the battery pack can be quickly removed from the storage bag by opening the lid to a certain angle. Flexible use of this design can facilitate daily charging, with the USB port.

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