Get Creative With Your Travel—Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters

Abstract: In many parts of the world, the electric scooter is one of the most popular ways to get around. Airwheel aims to keep the environment clean and bring the public more creative and more convenient trip mode.

In modern society, Airwheel serves as a trouble-shooter in many aspects of life, like commuting, exercising and entertainment and so on. It makes travelling easy and exciting to get you where you are going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighbourhood cruisers, Airwheel electric-powered scooters are the perfect way to put some zip in your ride.
Airwheel R5
The increasing concern about environment makes the eco-friendly Airwheel mini electric scooter stand out. The electricity-powered scooters emit no exhaust when it runs. The clean energy is of great help to our air quality and environment. Also, its branded Li-ion battery guarantees sufficient power supply and enhances the efficiency of charge and discharge with the BMS. Rechargeable batteries run along the base of the scooter, keeping the centre of gravity low, which is key to a stable, and therefore safer, ride.
Airwheel E6
In Airwheel, there are many different models to change your machine-parable travel. The electric one wheel not only serves the end of entertainment, and it is more flexible on the congested roads allowing you to arrive at office in time. The 2-wheeled electric scooters, both the sitting posture electric scooters and standing up electric scooters are to give riders more choices. Airwheel R series of electric moped bikes fulfil the end of work-out. As we know, the fast paced work has squeezed their most spare time. The work-out scarcity together with long-time sedentary job will surely cause health-threatening disease. Airwheel will be a trouble-shooter to work out the dilemma. Riding Airwheel to work and home, they could snatch every time to build up body. Importantly, Airwheel releases the A6S and H3 motorized wheelchairs to let the old enjoy the free riding style. With the foldable frame and light weight, Airwheel also solves the problem of parking.
Airwheel Z5
Also, with Airwheel, you can choose the roads you are going to take more flexibly and find more surprises on the roads. Now, step up, twist the throttle and charge into tons of fun with Airwheel smart 2 wheel electric scooter.

About The Design Philosophy Of Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooters

Abstract: In the sector of electric scooter, each has its own philosophy of design. In addition, even in one company, it has different design philosophy in different phase. Airwheel is often properly cited as the obvious example of philosophy of design. Here we will shed a light on its philosophy of design in the year of 2017.
Airwheel Z8
Riding enables people to give a vent to negative feeling through traveling and can adjust psychological conditions. Therefore, riding can add happiness and pleasures to one’s life. And Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter lets you enjoy a free intelligent life. Here we will shed a light on its philosophy of design in the year of 2017.
Airwheel Z5
Integration traditional design with the modern-day design
At the end of June, Airwheel held its second new product release conference. In this event, Airwheel pushed out its unique model full of traditional and modern-day design. That is the R8 and R6 electric assist bikes. In them, Airwheel innovatively integrated the traditional design with the modern-day design. For the most part, Airwheel completely created a brand new model. These models are based on no other traditional design. Airwheel based them on the unprecedented ideas. Form the advent of R series on, Airwheel got setting foot on the path to integration of tradition and modern. This bold move in the change of philosophy of design makes for a great stride in the history of the electric bike.
Airwheel S8
Adding new functions and performance
Different from the previous products like helmet and wheelchairs, Airwheel made efforts to tap into its functions and enhance its performance. Finally, Airwheel rolled out a new model of C-series C8 in its first new product release conference this year. It can be said that C8 is completely based on C6 and C5 and is an updated and modified version. However, there is a jump in performance and a hike in functions. Airwheel positioned C8 as a cool motorcycle helmet to give rider the maximum protection. Speaking of the wheelchair, H3 motorized wheelchair is equipped with more powerful battery and wider tyres to make itself negotiate any terrain with any hitch. Also, the automatic folding system makes H3 popular among riders.

Prepare Different Gifts To Different Receivers From Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter

Abstract: It is formidable job for people to choose an ideal gift. There are many different kinds of festivals all over the year, which requires us to prepare many gifts. Here comes a suggestion: Pick and choose gifts from Airwheel mars rover store, either online store or physical store.
Airwheel Z8

Is it a headache when speaking of choosing gifts for friends and families for you? Each time the festival comes around, people are always busy with picking and selecting gifts for friends and relatives. For the receiver, it is rather happy thing to receive a desirable gift from kith and kin. However, the givers will be troubled by the choice of gifts. Here comes a suggestion: choose gifts from Airwheel smart electric scooter store, either from online store or from physical store. From the single-wheeled electric scooter, 2-wheeled electric scooters, electric skateboard, smart e bike, helmet camera to the latest automatic electric wheelchair, Airwheel keeps on innovation and upgrading the design to satisfy more individuals’ requirements.
Airwheel R6
For adolescents, Airwheel electric one wheel is strongly recommended, as it is easy to learn and has the excellent ability to keep balance. The agility is more effective to show the wheelie of the riders. Typically, veteran players are fond of them. Through riding Airwheel self-balancing scooters, they will increasingly find the fun by steering it. For males, store owners will recommend Airwheel R series of electric assist bicycles. With the multiple ride modes at choice, the happiness of riding it is massive. To do exercise, to save energy or to enjoy high speed? One Airwheel pedal assist bike meets all demands. Three ride modes bring more fun. Their high-performance aluminium alloy with high strength is more lightweight. Its maximum load reaches 100kg.
Airwheel S5
For the senior citizens, H3 Electric Wheelchairs   is suitable for them. The soft and wide saddle H3 is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than the traditional vehicles does.

Airwheel H3

What’s more, the H3 is featured by the dual ride mode that can be ridden in two ways— either by pure electricity or by man labour to ride. When festivals or days of commemoration come, you can prepare Airwheel mini electric scooters for them.

Among The Ten Different Series Of Smart Gadgets In Airwheel, Which One Do You Like Most?

Abstract: Currently, Airwheel has ten subtypes, including single-wheeled X-series, twin-wheeled Q-series, two-wheeled S-series, sitting-posture A-series, four wheeled M series, foldable Z series, mini E series, wearable C series, and newest R series and H series.

Public transports, like bus and metro, have great limitations. They are crowded and time-consuming. What’s worse, they can’t help office workers get to the company directly. Oftentimes, they have to walk one or two kilometers. Plus burdensome work every day, office workers will be exhausted off duty. The environmental friendly, easy and cool travel way is strongly recommended by the public. Therefore, a new kind of transportation tool renounced the world splendidly—Airwheel mars rover which offers a green, convenient and relaxing travel.
Airwheel Z3
Airwheel has realized the real environmental-friendly travel and given people brand-new travel experience. So far, Airwheel has ten subtypes, including single-wheeled X-series, Q-series, two-wheeled S-series, sitting-posture A-series, four wheeled M series, foldable Z series, mini E series, wearable C series, and newest R series and H series. Each series has its own unique characteristics and advantages. Thus, consumers’ demands can be satisfied all round. X-series and Q-series are flexible and are is suitable for those young users who have supple knees and robust bodies. S-series is high-end and elegant with many different models available.
Airwheel X8
When it comes to A-series, actually, it only has A3 adopting sitting-posture, while all of the former models inherit standing-posture. Comparatively speaking, many youngsters prefer to select M3 electric skateboard because of its uniqueness and high safety during riding course. Z series folding electric scooter firstly introduce the modular battery design, easy to disassemble and replace. Coupled with USB power supply interface, mobile phones and other daily intelligent equipment can be charged during the journey. C series of smart helmet comes a blessing for those who enjoy a speedy riding experience.
Airwheel S5
Airwheel E series and R series of smart electric bikes advocate portability and convenience. Light item weight and multiple folding system enable individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car. The new Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair designed both for the physically inconvenienced people, but also for the masses can be ridden either by electricity or by labor. Wait and see more new series born.

Airwheel Mini Electric Scooter To Give Kids’ Wonderful Childhood

Abstract: Instead of staying in house watching TV or playing computer games, those Airwheel riders at young age have more chances of going outside for physical activities with Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. They are able to enjoy a wonderful and healthy childhood.

Filled with different kinds of electronic devices nowadays, kids are likely to stay in house all day studying or playing computer games. Thanks to the invention of Airwheel mars rover, kids now have a new healthy of daily commuting and entertainment, which can greatly enrich the life in their childhood. Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter has great entertainment functionality and is playable for those young riders who feel excited about this unique way of scooter riding.
Airwheel R6
For kids, riding with Airwheel mini electric scooter provide them an opportunity to have outdoor activities with their companions, which is helpful to the healthy development of their personalities. Many kids like riding Airwheel after school on the way to home, feeling the relaxation and pleasures from Airwheel riding. It can be said that Airwheel is the most suitable alternative transport for young kids considering the safety guarantees. It is well known that Airwheel ensures maximized riding safety for riders. For instance, it can automatically slows down if it surpasses the limit speed, and this protection mechanism is really important for those young riders who need to be protected from potential dangers.
Airwheel Z5
What’s more, riding Airwheel is also beneficial to the physical development of young kids. For example, by riding Airwheel self-balancing scooter, young riders can develop the ability of physical coordination and a good sense of balance keeping. Also the Airwheel M3 electric drift hover board provides a platform for kids to show their imagination and creation due to the modular design of its components, like the sticker, board, battery and motor.
Airwheel E3
Also, it causes no air pollution, so young riders will have the awareness of protecting environment through the smart usage of high-tech innovations. More and more young kids join the Airwheel riders’ team and many young riders consider Airwheel electric mobility scooter riding as an extra-curriculum activity after school. Truthfully, Airwheel has provided young children a new way of entertainment that is safe and healthy.

Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter Entering In The Phase Of The Mobile Phone APP

Abstract: In the sector of the mobile phone, the smart phone is predominating in the current market. With the smart phone, the user can watch the live news, listen to the music, socialise with friends and so on. Airwheel catches on the trend and releases its exclusive App for its mars rovers.

Now we cannot go without the smart phone. Even the contemporary media and service previous offered by the society also enter the mobile phone. They get embarking upon the new breakthrough. Numerous electronic equipment is also connected and compatible with the mobile phone. For the sector of electric scooter, it is the same. Airwheel electric hoverboard is always keeping itself ahead of time in the market for smart gadgets. It has long spared on effort in the integration between electric scooter and mobile phone. The effort bears fruit and Airwheel gained a great achievement.
Airwheel APP
Amongst a string of products, Airwheel A3 mars rover starts the App era. Now, all the models can be connected to their smart phones. Airwheel IT engineers developed an App and posted online. The users of android and ISO phones can freely download it. After installing it, the user can connect their mars rover into the mobile phone. On the App, they can have an overall data and detailed status of the electric scooters. The power, the distance the rider covers and the analysis on the status is displayed on the App, which is a helpful window for the user to learn about the status.
Now, new functions have been added to Airwheel App. Its App fault self-test displaying riding speed, path and gear etc. makes ride intelligent and convenient. Also, the change mode of R series electric assist bicycle can be realized via the App. With the increasing diversity of products, the App can be applied to the smart mars rovers as well as the intelligent helmets. You can take pictures and shoot videos through the App with simpler operation. The integration between Airwheel smart gadgets and the App on the mobile phone is not in the least against the design philosophy of Airwheel. The integration of Airwheel into the smart phone represents the smart design. No doubt, Airwheel will go far on the path to the smartness.

To Talk About the Appearance of Airwheel S8 Self-balancing electric Scooter

Abstract: It is the beloved gadget for most people, especially for female consumers since the perfect color combination leaves them a good impression. Airwheel S8 becomes a well-known transport equipment, wearable, intelligent, portable and practical. As we always say eyes are the windows to the soul, the colors are the windows to S8 fast electric scooter.

Airwheel S8 becomes the beloved gadget for most people, especially for female consumers. Among all the merits on Airwheel S8, the perfect color combination always leaves the first impression. Eyes are the windows to the soul while the colors are the windows to S8 mini self-balancing scooter.
S8 has a small body. The 10-inch tire can spread great energy during rolling. Even if it is a narrow aisle, S8 self-balancing scooter can cross it easily. When going outside, the exquisite electric scooter will not be the burden, on the contrary, it will make you look more attractive. Everything has its color, no matter it looks nice or bad. It is the unique color matching of S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter that attracts lots of female fans. In general, white is one of the most easy matching colors. White body of S8 can match girls’ makeup, clothes or handbags. It will never look incongruity. But if it is pure white, it may appears drab. Therefore small scale of blue is added to make S8 look more beautiful. Except the clever color matching, there are also some other aspects that make female consumers love S8.
Based on the satisfaction to the appearance, S8 has another advantage-adjustable seat. Riders are familiar with the two kinds of riding postures. When riders sit to control S8, they can adjust the seat to the height that they feel comfortable. In this way, riders can enjoy a comfortable and elegant riding experience. Female are extremely picky when buying but they can take a fancy to Airwheel S8 which shows its unique features. Get on S8 and pedal through the streets as the shadows lengthen and the traffic thins. Whether you’re riding city streets or open country roads, riding S8 double-wheels electric scooter is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages.

Smaller and Smaller—Airwheel S8MINI vs Z8 Electric Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel chooses the best components for its products, also every producing procedure is finished with the strictest standards. The sophisticated operating system in Airwheel will give you a more stable and safer riding experience. With an Airwheel intelligent power scooter you will enjoy the riding experience.

Traffic jam has become a great ache for all of the city dwellers and even the whole society. People are gradually getting used to the long time waiting in a traffic jam during rush hours. Airwheel as one of technology devices is care to them while helping us ease the heavy burdens. For short-distance commuting, electric scooters should be vigorously promoted. Airwheel has launched various types of intelligent scooters fit for daily commuting. They are more than toys or fitting equipment for people. Z8 standing up electric scooter and S8MINI sitting-posture electric scooter are highly recommended, as they are known for the small scooter body.
To be specific, Z8 and S8MINI are capable of more than short-distance commuting. S8MINI self-balancing scooter initiates a sitting-posture of riding. It has the same kinds of functions as electromobiles, but more intelligent. Its App can show data like the battery information, mileage, speed and interior temperature. Equipped with the 8 inch tires, S8MINI two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is seemingly smaller and more compact then private cars. Though it is smaller than cars, it reaches a long range with the branded battery.
Z8 is small and light-weighted and riders could carry it onto a bus easily. Magnalium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance reduces the item weight to 6.5kg and improves the load capacity to 75kg. There are some people who are concerned about its range. The concern is understandable because it looks very small and delicate. However, it is able to cover a long distance for the reason of equipment of a powerful battery. This goes to say that Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter is small yet potent. In view of that, it is reasonable for it to catch on in the market.

Their small figures and eco functions enable them to work efficiently on the bustling streets. The society should harness the immense potential of mini electric scooters to relieve traffic pressure. Give up private-car hailing and have a try of Airwheel.

Analysis on the Customer Base of Airwheel New Product: Colorful Electric Foldable Scooter Z8

Abstract: The household wife and children are the important roles at home. They need personal transport or toy vehicle. Is there this versatile tool? Of course, yes. Airwheel newly released model, the colorful electric foldable scooter Z8, effectively meets their demand. At the same time, it forges a more convenient life.

It is widely held that Airwheel released an excellent small wheel electric scooter Z8. This type of electronic scooter is revolutionary. Airwheel transmits its design notion to every user and potential customer by means of Airwheel Z8. This type of scooter is suitable particularly for the household wife and children. By virtue of this advantage, the charm of this model never fades away with the passage of day.
Being a full-time household wife, she buries herself in the main job—doing household works and going shopping. Airwheel colorful electric foldable scooter Z8 often comes in handy and does its stuff when it is used for going shopping. As we know, it is a bother to steer personal car to go shopping.


If the store is near the neighborhood, it is uneconomical and time-consuming to drive. For now, it will also annoy the driver to consider and look for the parking plot. Even if a parking plot is available, the parking fee is considerable. Airwheel Z8 will create an easy commuting. It can pack away so that the user can lift it easily. Riding it, the user does not need to consider the parking issue. At the same time, it saves one time and money. Therefore, it is absolutely the obvious choice of the household wife.
On the other hand, it interests the children. Airwheel lightweight electric scooter Z8 is easy to ride. It is positive that Airwheel Z8 can be got the hang of within a short time. This encourages a lot of children to go for it. During riding Z8, children will experience the unprecedented joy and happiness. 8 makes use of high-quality and light-weight materials. Therefore it is assured that the vehicle will not hurt the children. If it is available at home, both the female and the children gain access to it. The life will be better and more convenient.

Never Be Late For Work? Exciting! Thanks to Airwheel MarsRover

Abstract: Nevertheless, taking bus or driving cars in rush hours will probably let you be late for work if you do not get up early enough. In order to escape from this dilemma, you can choose the third option–riding an Airwheel MarsRover.

Is the crowded bus or metro the biggest bugbear of you? Are you always late for work? The traffic congestion and crowded public transportation come as a bane to every white collars. They harp up on about these culprit. Now Airwheel pushed out a set of intelligent electric scooters and smart e bikes which are said to resolve these problems and free you from lateness for work. Airwheel is committed to leadership in scooter design, quality, reliability and safety, as well as to developing key energy efficiency and energy diversity.
Unbelievably, Colin’s personal experience will bear a strong testament to it. Today Colin is disposed to recount his personal experience of daily commute. He was often late for work prior to getting Airwheel electric scooter for adults to be sure, but now all is changing. Colin used to drive to work, but the crossing was full of traffic so that he had to be held up for a long time. This often caused him to be late for work. He changed to the public transportation later, but it worked nothing. One day he saw the Airwheel electric mobility scooter online. From then on, he got considering buying a set of Airwheel electric scooter. Indeed, he bought it days ago.

Now he starts to ride Airwheel to work and home. Each time he arrives at the crossing full of traffic, he does not need to wait for a long time any more. On the contrary, he could pass through the zebra line once the signal lights turn green together with other pedestrians.


This saves him a lot of time. Of course, Airwheel fast electric scooter can be used for other purposes. Colin usually uses it as a way to work out. Each day he knocks off work, he steers it home. Through the ride, the riding will relax his mind and body by exercise. For him who is lacking of working out, it is quite effective and efficient.