Airwheel Smart Helmet Is Complementary To Smart Electric Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel smart helmet is a brilliant accessory product that can greatly improves the riding experience for motorcycle riders, ensuring both riding safety and comforts. So far, there are three models in C series—C5, C6 and C8 which are able to benefit both Airwheel and non-Airwheel riders, bringing convenient and wonderful riding experience.
Airwheel C5
Airwheel Bluetooth helmet is such a smart accessory for riders that works as an indispensable equipment. The multi-functional Airwheel intelligent helmet ensures a safer and more interesting Airwheel riding experiences. So far, there are three models in C series—C5, C6 and C8 which are complementary to the other vehicles. C5 is born for the masses, C6 smart helmets for motorcycle riders and C8 full face helmet for racers. Due to its optimized design in accordance with ergonomics, they can fit into different head sizes and forms, so rider are able to wear the Airwheel smart helmet easily and comfortably. In terms of better riding experiences and more riding safety, it is equipped with windshields so that the eyes of riders will be well protected from winds or sands, and this is particularly useful for riders.
Airwheel C6
Airwheel smart helmet is a smart accessory for the public, which has realized multiple functions like telecommunications, photographing, status keeping, etc. They will become the most useful and interesting helmet for riders, making life experience extremely fun and easy. They are the epitome of high-tech advancements. With the application of wireless Bluetooth transmission technology, riders are able to answer the call without pulling off the helmet during the riding, which is really convenient and useful.
Airwheel C8
Extreme sports enthusiasts are interested in the versatile and portable GoPro, often used in extreme-action videography and part of the connected sport movement and Airwheel sports helmet is equipped with the equipped intelligent camera, so riders are able to record the scenery on road automatically because the all-glass lens with wide viewing angle is able to capture any fantastic picture during the journey. Most importantly, it is anti-shake, so the intelligent helmet can help riders record any beautiful scenery perfectly. In a word, Airwheel helmet camera is a brilliant fruit of high-tech applications, which shows the trend of high-techs—to let people enjoy a free intelligent life.

Airwheel C8 Smart Helmet Heads Up Display Is Just What You Want.

Abstract: If you are an adventure enthusiast, you need Airwheel C8 helmet for Extreme sports. Surely, it is what you want. The white one symbolizes coolness and mysteries while the black gives uncertainty and much power, which conforms to the spirit of adventure. Which one will you choose?

Now, two colors of Airwheel C8 racing helmet Airwheel are available, the simple white and classic black. White one reminds sports lovers of the shiny snowfield in the sun. It also reminds the riders of coolness and mysteries like the appealing adventures. Black symbolizes deep insight and calmness. It reminds the adventure lovers of the darkness at night in the unknown areas. Darkness gives riders uncertain feelings and great power. Therefore, Airwheel C8 is in line with the essence of adventure.


Airwheel C8 helmet heads up display also gives the riders much fun and excitement. It is equipped with high-quality audio and cameras to ensure fantastic experience for the riders. Camera makes every moment perpetual. Time erases all things in life except memories which becomes the indispensable part of oneself. C8 racing helmet has a built-in camera which can take photos and videos along the way to catch every exciting moment, for example, a fantastic rainbow hanging in the sky, beautiful sunset over the horizon and the sun is like a slice of bread cut by the skyline slowly and unique customs and cultures which has never been experienced, etc. Besides, its resolution ratio is 2304*1296 which is easy for watching photos and videos.

Besides, Airwheel C8 smart helmet is equipped with Bluetooth, which integrates sight, hearing and tactile senses. What’s more, it can be connected to smart phone that allow riders to send and enjoy his favorite music without having to wear uncomfortable earphones. How fantastic the travel is with C8 full face helmet. High quality audio can play music and the riders will be in high spirits when they listen to their favorite music. The moving scenery along with the fantastic rhythms and melodies offers a brand new experience, which is totally different from listening to the music motionlessly. That’s because the scenery changes every moment and the rider never knows what will happen in the next second.

If You Select Motorcycle as Commute Transport, You Also Need Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet

Abstract: Airwheel has done excellent job in helmet field and its C-series contains three helmets, including C5, C6 and C8. Different helmet type enjoys different application area. Usually, C5 is designed for bicycle, C6 is for motorcycle and C8 is for various racings. If people select motorcycle as their commute transport, they also need C8.

In big city, most people have the experience of being stuck in congested traffic, especially in rush hours. In order to fight with traffic jam, they have no choice but give up early in the morning and get home late after work. Workdays for them are like racing with time. An effective travel transport is very important to them. Some people choose private car, while some other people prefer to ride motorcycle. If they select motorcycle, they also need Airwheel C8 smart helmet. It will help them to defeat traffic jam and make commute journey enjoyable.
In rush hours, there are many vehicles on road and thus it is quite dangerous for people to ride motorcycle. However, their security can be guaranteed as long as they are willing to wear Airwheel C8 full face helmet.


Inside and out, C8 is made up of three layers, which includes high-quality and removable cotton lining, America imported foaming EPS and strong plastic ABS. On the one hand, the strong surface shell will resist external harms. On the other hand, it gives head comfortable feeling. Even if people are caught by traffic accident, it will protect them to the hilt. Wear C8 and weave in high streets and back lanes. People will win the racing with traffic jam and valuable time.
At the same time, Airwheel C8 racing helmet has the function of non-net video 24h. In other word, it is able to record every moment in the commute journey. If traffic accident happens, it will offer forceful evidence to prove who need to bear the main responsibility. In addition, C8 has several other useful functions, such as playing music, answering the phone, taking pictures or recording videos. The commute journey won’t be boring any more. Don’t look down upon a small helmet. Sometimes, it will change a lot, like C8.

“Free Intelligent Life” Is Realized With the Company of Airwheel C6 Open Face Helmet.

Abstract: Airwheel, one of the smart transportation device manufacturers is committed to bringing out the joy of technology, and to practicing its cooperate culture: “Free Intelligent Life”. In addition to the intelligent electric scooters, the smart helmet can also help riders gain a free intelligent life.

To achieve a Free Intelligent Life, the intelligent tools are essential. Known to all, Airwheel has made great achievements in the area of electric scooter. With their future-oriented designs, the products of Airwheel always lead the fashion trend all round the world, represented by its wearable device—smart helmet. For instance, C6 half helmet is designed to be both a competent protector and an interesting assistant. C6 open face helmet is to attempt to protect the user’s head by absorbing mechanical energy and protecting against penetration.
C6 offers brain protection while still allowing for the open feel of the road. Their structure and protective capacity are altered in high-energy impacts. Beside their energy-absorption capability, their volume and weight are also important issues, since higher volume and weight increase the injury risk for the user’s head and neck. The lightweight composite shell and speaker compatible comfortable liner provide superior riding comfort and convenience. If simply riding a motorcycle is not intimidating enough, bust out your inner Bane by donning the Airwheel C6 smart bike helmet.
Moreover, its Bluetooth integration within a premium fiberglass half shell helmet. There is no need to futz with routing wires or repositioning speakers or dealing with a microphone sticking out in front of your face. With the introduction of high-definition camera and high-fidelity loudspeaker, Airwheel C6 smart helmet can not only record the precious moments of their life, but also enable riders to answer phone in the riding process. More surprisingly, through its built-in WIFI modular, users can transmit the pictures and video records taken by C6 to their social platforms to share the excitement with other. There are other additional functions, such as monitoring at home and music playing etc. Each of Airwheel helmet is tested strictly. You can feel rest assured that cool smart helmet will give you an unforgettable riding experience.

What Is the Favourite models Among Airwheel New Products: Motorcycle Helmet C6, C8, Z8 and R3?

Abstract: Recently, Airwheel has released four new models. Airwheel motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8 have been enjoying a great popularity across the globe. Airwheel colourful electric foldable scooter Z8 and R3 adopt the folding design to save much space of the residence and the workplace.

In early year of 2017, Airwheel has expectedly released a host of new products. These new products vary from each other a lot. Two models are types of electronic scooters, whereas the other two are smart helmets. The release of Airwheel smart helmets C6 and C8 stroke a great many visitors strange, for Airwheel gave others an impression that it is keeping itself merely as a scooter-maker. However, this time Airwheel broke the former impression in surprise. After 2017 CES where Airwheel unveiled its new products, these new products were available online from then on. Being an Airwheel shopkeeper, which is the best-seller means a lot to them, because it has a big influence on their business and profit. Hereby we will introduce these new products and tell stories about them.
Being eye-openers, Airwheel smart bike helmets have been enjoying a great popularity across the globe. In Euro-Amirian market, they are almost short in online shops or stores. The majority of target customers are the young, most of whom are energetic and adventure-lovers. The most dangerous sports are the motorcycle sport and racing sport. In order to keep the joy and thrill of these adventurous sports, Airwheel developed the two models. In view of the large customer base, there is very reason that they never fail to appeal to the customers.
The other two models are equally of use to the young who are fresh from colleges or household wives. Airwheel colourful electric foldable scooter Z8 and R3 adopt the folding design to save much space of the residence and the workplace. Airwheel citizen folding electric bike R3 eradicates the young’s concern about the commuting distance when they seek for or change jobs. At the same time, Airwheel R3 frees the users from getting up earlier each morning. Therefore, Airwheel R3 is the favourite of the young.

Airwheel C6 Helmet Heads Up Display Produces Perfect Photography And Video.

Abstract: In the 2017 CES held in USA, Airwheel pushed out a type of cool motorcycle helmet, called C6. This is the second wearable device made by Airwheel. Based on C5-the first wearable device, C6 shows many different features.

It is well known that the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is fantastic, symbolizing youth and vigour. Also, it is environmentally-friendly with low-carbon in line with the modern lifestyle. Besides, it is classy and elegant, embodying the owner’s distinguished identity. Now, Airwheel enters the wearable device sector with the first product—C5 and in the 2017 CES held in USA, Airwheel pushed out a type of cool motorcycle helmet, called C6.
Airwheel C6
Airwheel C6 shows many different features. Besides the top quality of materials, C6 has equipped with a caution light that will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian. C6 intelligent helmet has the elastic design to fit the heads of all shapes. It is featured with IP556 water-proof rating, so that riders can wear it in drizzles. Yet avoid sinking it in deep water or riding it on rainy days for a long time. Apart from the basic safety protection during the ride, C6 is more popular with the riders who are fond of shooting videos and taking photos and willing to share their daily photos with their kin and kith. C6 is coupled with 120°large view, in pursuit of blockbuster’s range of vision. 120°view-shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or video.
Airwheel C6
Though it is an additional function for C6 Smart helmet, it achieves professional level with the OV4689 to provide timing framework for full resolution HDR capture using the “sequential HDR” or line based “interleaved HDR”, and 1/4 HDR using the ” interlacing HDR”. As a result, C6 can produce high quality, full resolution and high pixel HDR video for extreme changes in light and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. Other than that, the camera is in anti-shake design, because the motion cameras installed in the helmet will shake and lead to improper vision of the scenery.
Airwheel C6
In a word, Airwheel C6 smart helmet creates a better environment of photography and you can enjoy the professional level of video and photos and you can get perfect photography.

Airwheel Keeps Innovating and Keeps Releasing New Products

Abstract: As the lead brand in electric scooter industry, Airwheel never stops its step to innovate and develop new products. Recently, Airwheel has released three latest products—C6, C8 motorcycle helmets and F3 unmanned aircraft system and makes its products full of varieties.

As known to all, innovation is very important for a company in their development. This is also the key factor to explain the success of Airwheel mars rover who never stops its step to innovate and develop new products. Recently, Airwheel has released three latest new products and makes its products full of varieties. The three latest products are Airwheel F3 unmanned aircraft system, C6 open face helmet and C8 racing helmet. Each of these new products has its own characteristics. Each performs its own functions and please allow me to briefly introduce them one by one in the following paragraphs.
Although every model of the new products has their own advantages, Airwheel F3 attracts the most attention of people. Airwheel F3 is the first drone with many advanced technologies. It can be controlled by sliding screen to control or by somatosensory control. It realizes exquisite and intelligent shooting as the 4k camera can take beautiful photos or record interesting video at will. Also, F3 drone with camera has three taking modes, one-photo taking mode, time-lapse taking mode and continuous capture mode.
Wearing Airwheel C6 and C8 Smart helmets firstly can ensure the riders’ safety. The shells have high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance, which guarantees the safety of riders when they enjoy the excitement of riding. Moreover, windproof cover design of C6 cool motorcycle helmet can effectively protect riders’ binocular safety during the riding. Also, the 120° wide angle view, intelligent accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or video. Airwheel smart helmet supports both internal storage and export of images. After the pictures have been taken, we can choose either to store them in it or to export them.
As the market competition is furious, in order to maintain and increase the market share, Airwheel mars rover has to work hard to provide innovative products to satisfy the needs of customers. In the 2017, there will be more innovative products to be born.

Airwheel C8 Smart racing helmet, the Guarantee for Cycling and Racing

Abstract: Riders are no longer satisfied to ride on the road or green way, instead, riders want to combine riding with adventure such as outdoor cycling and racing etc. To guarantee the safety of riders and decrease the possibility of accidents or individual hurts, riders need to wear Airwheel C8 racing helmet to protect themselves.

Outdoor cycling and kinds of racing is an increasingly popular sport nowadays. So does the intelligent helmet. Those who are fond of professional outdoor cycling in particular appreciate the helmet. Airwheel, the leading e scooter producer has taken time to design its smart helmets and C8 is one of them. Since C8 has both the function of protecting the head and the function of recording the scenes riders see during the journey. It is the excellent equipment for outdoor cycling and racing.
racing helmet
Ingemar loves to travel by the bicycle in the countryside or in the mountain path, and he is a professional rider who is good at outdoor cycling. Though Ingemar often gathers his friends to go cycling, the friends is not as skillful as Ingemar, so Ingemar tries to find an equipment to protect themselves. Airwheel C8 full face helmet is protecting the head, which is also in full face design. Plus air outlet will allow the heat of the head to be discharged.
racing helmet
However, Airwheel C8 Smart helmets is not only the general helmet, but also an intelligent helmet since it is of multi-function such as communication, taking photos and recording data. It makes the use of Bluetooth technology to help riders to make call during outdoor cycling which is more convenient and safe. C8 racing helmet is also equipped with the sports camera to take photo or video. The quality of photo and video is high so Ingemar and his friends can truly enjoy the journey without worrying about their individual safety and the loss of photo and video. Airwheel C8 can record the happy memory of each second.

Also, with C8, Ingemar and his friends are able to answer phone calls automatically. To sum up, Airwheel C8 racing helmet is a versatile gadget. You can find more detailed information via its official web and news.

Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet, A Wearable Equipment Especially Made For Racing Bicycle Riders

Abstract: So many traffic accident happen every day that we cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of traffic safety. Similarly, it is of great importance for wearing helmet when doing racings. Racing bicycle is comparatively more danger than cycling. C8 smart racing helmet of Airwheel is born for safeguarding motorcycle riders.

Safety issue will never be an old-fashioned topic. So we emphasize that it is necessary to wear protective equipment or clothing to cope with any accidents during racing bicycles. In Airwheel’s smart products, C5 Smart helmets is better than common helmet in current market owing to its multi-functions. However, here you can find a more suitable one-Airwheel C8, especially designed for racing bicycles.
As far as we know, racing bicycle is faster than cycling so anything you do during a ride shall be extremely dangerous. We believe that most of motorcycle riders prefer to listen to music by wearing headphones or sometimes answer phone calls when they are speeding on. Here and now, C8 racing helmet can do what normal helmet can’t do since it is installed with Bluetooth speaker. By this design, riders can enjoy music safely as they could hear the periphery sound of something astir for making actions when meeting any emergency anytime at the same time. Plus, riders can pick up phone calls by clicking the answer key for liberating hands. It becomes more interesting for racing bicycle with these functions.
Another significant function is the photo or video shooting. 2304X1296 high-definition resolution for the accompanying camera installed on C8 racing helmet can capture each moment for you so as to retrospect in future days. The precise lens presents high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance for giving you real vision through the imaging. What’s more, the 120° view-shed camera helps C8 to shoot unbeatable images and videos. Sure, C8’s other functions like App control, 24 hours’ monitoring and Wi-Fi transmission are also remarkable.
Last but not least, it should be comfortable to wear C8 full race helmet. It adopts streamlined design full of dynamics and the grooves in the top and bottom air outlets is left for allowing air to flow. The 3D modeling technology assists to match the riders’ head and the helmet. Anyway, if you like racing bicycle, Airwheel C8 will better suit you.

Wearing Airwheel C6 Cool Motorcycle Helmet to Be Cool

Abstract: Airwheel C6 is the new arrival in 2017. Airwheel technical team endows C6 with each core technology. As the intelligent helmet comes out, people’s motorcycling will also become more convenient and cooler.

Airwheel shares experience with experts to explore further development in such aspects as smart city transportation, information technology, Internet of things etc. and the hard work bears its fruits. At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel has released another three brand new models—C6 cool motorcycle helmet, C8 full face helmet and F3 unmanned aerial vehicle to further enrich users’ life.
As we know, self-protection equipment is necessary for these kinds of activities. Airwheel C6 can escort them. Complying with related standards of CPSC, ABS material with the features of high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance is applied to the surface shell of C6. It adopts the whole shaped technology and has the outstanding tenacity and intensity so it can effectively withstand the impact from external environment. Moreover, C6 open face helmet is identified as IP55 level which means it won’t be damaged from splash. Besides, the acceptable temperature ranges from minus -10℃ to 55℃. In case of dark environment, the caution light will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian.
Another important function of C6 is the representation of memorable moments. C6 Smart helmets is equipped with a 120° view-shed accompanying camera and the maximum memory supports 128GB. You can take photos or videos so as to capture the most exciting pictures. The 2K sharpness screen can present large view of pictures. More importantly, you can share the wonderful videos to your friends or upload it into the network platforms only if you connect the indoor network hot spot.
In addition to recording the wonderful moments, C6 scooter helmet has other functions as answering calls and listening to music. When you have phone calls, you can push the button on C6 to answer. Besides, the high quality blue tooth speaker will enrich your adventure. Even if you are listening to music, you still can hear the sound of surroundings so as to cope with the emergencies. In a word, you can be a cool motorcycler with Airwheel C6.