Get Creative With Your Travel—Airwheel Smart Electric Scooters

Abstract: In many parts of the world, the electric scooter is one of the most popular ways to get around. Airwheel aims to keep the environment clean and bring the public more creative and more convenient trip mode.

In modern society, Airwheel serves as a trouble-shooter in many aspects of life, like commuting, exercising and entertainment and so on. It makes travelling easy and exciting to get you where you are going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighbourhood cruisers, Airwheel electric-powered scooters are the perfect way to put some zip in your ride.
Airwheel R5
The increasing concern about environment makes the eco-friendly Airwheel mini electric scooter stand out. The electricity-powered scooters emit no exhaust when it runs. The clean energy is of great help to our air quality and environment. Also, its branded Li-ion battery guarantees sufficient power supply and enhances the efficiency of charge and discharge with the BMS. Rechargeable batteries run along the base of the scooter, keeping the centre of gravity low, which is key to a stable, and therefore safer, ride.
Airwheel E6
In Airwheel, there are many different models to change your machine-parable travel. The electric one wheel not only serves the end of entertainment, and it is more flexible on the congested roads allowing you to arrive at office in time. The 2-wheeled electric scooters, both the sitting posture electric scooters and standing up electric scooters are to give riders more choices. Airwheel R series of electric moped bikes fulfil the end of work-out. As we know, the fast paced work has squeezed their most spare time. The work-out scarcity together with long-time sedentary job will surely cause health-threatening disease. Airwheel will be a trouble-shooter to work out the dilemma. Riding Airwheel to work and home, they could snatch every time to build up body. Importantly, Airwheel releases the A6S and H3 motorized wheelchairs to let the old enjoy the free riding style. With the foldable frame and light weight, Airwheel also solves the problem of parking.
Airwheel Z5
Also, with Airwheel, you can choose the roads you are going to take more flexibly and find more surprises on the roads. Now, step up, twist the throttle and charge into tons of fun with Airwheel smart 2 wheel electric scooter.

Airwheel R6 Smart E-Bike Makes Every Journey an Interesting Experience

Abstract: Whether a journey is enjoyable or not, a travel transport is very important. Airwheel R6 smart e-bike is a transport that can make every journey an interesting experience. The cool appearance, rich ride modes, convenient storage and strong adaptability to different road conditions make it the first choice for every travel.

On the basis of diligent research and work, Airwheel offers many great travel transports and Airwheel R6 smart electric assist bicycle is one of them. Generally speaking, people judge whether a travel transport is good or not mainly according to the personal experience. R6 has done great job in offering excellent travel experience, which benefits from rich ride modes, strong adaptability to different road conditions and some other humanized designs. All of them contribute to a happy journey.
Airwheel R6
Cool appearance is the first impression of Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike on people. Indeed, it is designed by first-class designer in the world and every detail has been taken into full consideration. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame with high strength paves the way for light item weight but big load capacity. Airwheel selects car-level painting tech.

Airwheel R6

Low temperature painting technology enables R6’s appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance as well as long service life. A pair of 14-inch big tires is bright spot. The special tread pattern in the surface contributes to excellent grip performance, skid resistance and high stability. Then, R6 is able to challenge many different road conditions. The 230W wheel hub motor integrates electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking device so as to offer powerful and stable force.
Airwheel R6
Speaking of force, the imported and branded lithium-ion battery also plays an important role, which provides sufficient power supply for Airwheel R6 electric assist bike. According to power source, the ride mode of R6 can be divided into three kinds, including bicycle mode, moped mode and electrombile mode. As name implies, their power comes from man power, the combination of man power and battery, and battery respectively. Riders can select one in accordance with their own need. For example, if people want to take exercise, bicycle mode is the first choice. Above all, R6 offers journey power and diversified ride modes. Of course, it is interesting.

New Choice on New Lifestyle, Airwheel S8 Self-Balancing 2 Wheels Scooter

Abstract: Start with the new day with Airwheel new product S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter. Though there is an Airwheel A3 sitting posture self-balancing scooter, S8 is different from A3, largely.

The fresh air, the lively plants and the singing birds depict a beautiful picture altogether, which is never seen in the city. Moreover, within the nature, there is no rush but peace. People do not have to worry about the deadline of the schedule or the phone call they need to make. No tangible thing seems to matter. All they have is the inner peace. Ride an Airwheel S8 2 wheel electric scooter to lead a new lifestyle.

Airwheel S8
Airwheel S8

From day one, you can ride Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter. The most compelling feature is the sitting and standing ride modes, which is the epitome of the vehicle of humanized design. On different occasions, riders can select different ride mode. It adopts magnesium-aluminium alloy+LEXAN resin materials to S8, with such features as wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, insulation, extensibility, stability and resistance to chemical corrosion. High quality and light weight makes S8 only 14.8kg, 738mm*521mm*329mm.
Airwheel A3
The 10inch wheel and the unique design of exposed tyres make Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter have adaptability that is more extraordinary in outdoor environment. Light weight and mini structure, S8 sitting-posture electric scooter can be easily conquered even by a small girl. Low under-pan and mini appearance reduce wind resistance. With low centre of gravity, the vehicle can runs more safely.
Airwheel S8
Other than that, adjustable seat cushion is mounted on Airwheel S8 self-balancing electric scooter that can be changed according to the height of the riders. S8’s motor is made of well-known brand N45 magnetic steel and 270 silicon steel sheet material, which makes the operating power is increased by 50% and is quiet with lower energy consumption. The lithium battery capacity is 260Wh changing about 180min (80% charged in 120 min). Different battery capacity satisfies various demands. The charger of Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter is more premium and durable, causing no noise in the charging process.

Airwheel S8 is an impressive product due to its premium performance as well as energy-saving. Embrace the new lifestyle with Airwheel S8 electric scooter with seat.

Airwheel Electric Scooter Is a Friend in Need

Abstract: Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are not the mighty devices which offer riders superhuman powers. Yet Airwheel intelligent scooters can help people solve problems in the city life.

It’s impossible for people to meet any one of these heroes in the real life. Indeed heroes are not necessarily the ones with great or immortal powers. Those who solve problems for both cities and human can also be called heroes. Airwheel and its intelligent electric scooters want to be the heroes for both human and cities.
Airwheel X3
Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters are all extremely quiet and eco-friendly which help people solve the noise and air pollutions. As the electricity-powered vehicles, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter have efficient and noise-free motor and power bank. Compared with the fossil-fueled vehicles, Airwheel electric scooters are all noise-free and eco-friendly. Though electricity are also mostly generated by burning fuels, the efficiency of Airwheel green electric scooter makes them more eco-friendly vehicle—generally the top burden capacity of Airwheel are over 100 kg and for each 100 km distance Airwheel need no more than 1kWh.
Airwheel X3
Airwheel mini electric scooters help people avoid the traffic problems in cities. The traffic jam and huge crowds in public transportations are the nightmares for people like office workers who need to travel a long way to their offices or workplaces. Airwheel electric walkcars are extremely portable and convenient for riders to take them anywhere. For instance Airwheel E3 electric folding bike are the vehicles which can be taken and rode on any roads like sidewalks or small roads through buildings. So the endless car lines and uncountable people in the metro and buses will leave no more trouble to people.
Airwheel R5
Riding Airwheel and weaving in high streets and back lanes become a beautiful view in city, which also attracts many people to pay attention to the issue of low-carbon travel. Though it has acquired great successes in the intelligent market, Airwheel never stops its paces in innovation, represented by E6 and R5 folding e bikes etc.

Even though it can’t beat any great evils in the cities, Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter can contribute to solving the pollutions and traffic problems in cities. Airwheel electric walkcar is a friend in need.

Simple Yet Great, Airwheel A3 Two Wheel Saddle-Equipped Scooter

Abstract: The creation here makes Airwheel products the leading products in both appearances and performances, which help Airwheel products win the love from consumers. Simple yet great, this is Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter.

The legend says that god wants some games to play, so he takes Satoru Iwata away. To Iwata, “simple yet great games” are the best games, and all his craftworks are all simple yet full of joy. Airwheel is also an enterprise, which pursues the ideas of “simple yet great” products. Airwheel is good at integrating the sparks of creations with the intelligence technologies and the traditional vehicle technologies like Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat.
Airwheel A3
The design ideas of Airwheel A3 are simple because Airwheel only pursues the user-oriented philosophy so Airwheel A3 2 wheel electric scooter are powerful, efficient and convenient transport vehicles. Airwheel adopts the top-quality modules in producing Airwheel A3. So Airwheel A3 is durable and light.
Airwheel A3
The control styles of the Airwheel A3 2-wheeled electric scooter are simple because of the built-in operating system. Users just need to move their body gravity centre slightly towards the direction their want to go, then Airwheel A3 will move out immediately. It is based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balancing. Also, the two-wheels of Airwheel A3 are very stable, so it is very simple to learn to ride Airwheel A3. Briefly speaking, office women can easily realize different controls by leaning forward or backward, turning body to left or right.

Though the design ideas are simple, but Airwheel A3 is innovative. The improvements of Airwheel A3 electric scooter also come from simple yet innovative ideas—to offer riders more comfort. The genuine V-shaped seat makes the riding experience more comfortable and the long-distance travel possible. Airwheel adopts the hydraulic suspension system, which is also adopted in professional scrambling motorbikes, and riders’ sitting posture will be well fitted by the seat. The innovative electronic brake system makes the brake simple and elegant. And most importantly, Airwheel developed the exclusive APP for the Airwheel.

Many functions are united in one and the controls of Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooter become simpler. Developing simple yet great electric scooters is what Airwheel wants.

Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Can Be Ridden In Light Rain Days.

Abstract: On such rainy day, there is no need for anyone who owns to worry the leak of rainwater. Wade through the puddles and scoot about at will. intelligent electric scooter can be ridden in light rain days.

In summer, many places in the world are going to have rainy days. The deluge is very common in summer. However, the suddenly large fall of rain is excessively frequent this summer. This month and last month, the downpour came down for several solid days. Although it cleared up days after, there was dotted with puddles on the road. Each time auto driven through the puddle, the water of rain would splash, and sometimes over the pedestrian. Under such circumstance, many a young man will think of intelligent electric scooter.
Airwheel A3
For instance, the A3 boasted its brand new sitting-posture riding mode. The water-proof protection was another draw. It adopted the level of IP 56. Therefore, there is no problem for A3 to wade through the puddles. When it rains all of sudden, one need not worry about the breakdown of A3 2 wheel electric scooter caused by rainwater. Some ordinary scooters are usually said to break down because of their exposure of water. The water will penetrate the device, damage the circuits and even cause short-circuit. This will not bring a decent riding experience. And it leads to life-threatening accident.
And the lately released E series and R5 electric assist bike have placed the battery in the top. It is the up-equipped battery design, smart e bikes will be with you rain or shine which suitable for all weather conditions and road conditions. Of course, riders need to have a maintenance and a comprehensive examination every 800 km. check whether the front and rear wheel screw is locking, check whether the pattern of cover tyre is worn; check whether the tire pressure is appropriate, the drive system is smooth, and each part of the joint is normal. In the use and maintenance, if you find that you cannot solve the problem, please contact the electric walkcar aftersales staff.

Each time auto driven through the puddle, the water of rain would splash, and sometimes over the pedestrian. Under such circumstance, many will think of electric scooter, as it can be ridden in light rain days.