Airwheel R5 Electric Assisted Bike Pays Special Attention to Riding Experience

Abstract: One of the most outstanding features of Airwheel R5 electric assist bike must be rich riding modes. Generally speaking, there are three main riding modes, including exercising mode, electricity-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode. Riders always can get the most comfortable riding experience, which is the great charm of R5.

Whether a transport is successful or not lies in the riding experience. What does it mean? Briefly speaking, a good transport must offer excellent riding experience for people. Among current market, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is deserved to be called the good transport. In order to satisfy different requirements, it has three riding modes, which are exercising mode, electricity-powered mode and electricity-assisted mode, which really make riding life wonderful. It is why the consumer base of R5 is enlarging within very short time.
Airwheel R5
Here is the detailed introduction on three main riding modes. The exercising mode comes very first, which is similar to riding a common bike. It is well known that bicycling is a great aerobic exercise. On workdays, if people are busy in their work and have no time to exercise, riding Airwheel R5 electric assist bike to cover commute journey must be a good idea. When it comes to electricity-powered mode, it is the most relaxing mode for riders. The driving force completely comes from lithium-ion battery. Compared with ordinary batteries, it owns longer service life, higher safety and stronger power. Usually, it is the favorite mode of the elderly and girls. Speaking of electricity-assisted mode, the power of R5 comes from join forces of lithium-ion battery and physical strength. Meanwhile, the intensity of these two forces can be adjusted.
Airwheel R5
Rich riding modes have several advantages. First of all, they can satisfy different needs of people. Gradually, people will love the feeling on road. Then, they are also good to expand consumer base. After all, big consumer base will help Airwheel R5 electric power bike to win in the fierce market competition. In addition, it represents the future travel mainstream. Among transport market, R5 must be a successful works. The main reason of R5’s success is because it pays special attention to riding experience. All in all, the need of consumers always comes first.

A Different Date Because Of Airwheel R5 Electric Moped Bike

Abstract: There must be a lot of people eager to create their own life by riding instead of being buried in work and other annoying life stuff. However, since bicycle is a bit large and troublesome which also can’t resist the rain or sun, they may choose another vehicle as a better choice–Airwheel electric scooter.

Intelligent electric scooter, as a popular transport vehicle is playing an efficient role in the cities. Airwheel mini electric scooter is reckoned as a transport for people’s daily commutation. As a matter of fact, it can function more than that. Because of its fashionable exterior look and special steering manner, it is able to serve as a unique dating vehicle that could help with the dating.
Airwheel R5
A few days ago, Andy was very upset and worried. He just has a girlfriend who is also his first love. Since he has little experience on dating, he has no idea what to do while being with his girlfriend. Moreover, he just graduated from college, so he can’t afford a car to take his girl to go for a drive like other rich guys do. Nor does he want to simply take his girlfriend to watch movies or have dinner. After doing some research, he found the Airwheel R5 electric assist bike online. It occurred to him that his girlfriend was also rather athletic, so he believed it would be fun to ride such a vehicle together with her. Therefore, he bought two R5 and asked his girlfriend to have a ride the next day.
Airwheel R5
Upon getting the vehicle, Andy went through the user manual and watched some video online so as to get the hang of it faster. As the electric scooter is mounted with high-tech intelligent chip, it is rather easy to steer. Thus, it only took him one minutes to fully master Airwheel R5 portable e bike. So when his girlfriend arrived, he gave her the present and taught her how to ride it, which made her feel so surprised and happy. That day, they had the best date ever. If anyone wants to experience a different date, he may as well try Airwheel riding then.

An Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching Transport–Airwheel Marsrover

Abstract: Although the government has taken some measures to solve air problems and improve air condition, air problem has aroused a lot of attention from the people. Everyone shall do his share to make contribution to the environment by having a green vehicle like Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter.

In front of environment pollution, many people are even diagnosed with skin disease, which becomes a large concern among the public. Though the government has made a lot of efforts to improve the air condition, everyone can still do his share to contribute to the environmental protection as an individual. To take the first step, people can have a green travel by riding a green vehicle like Airwheel electric mobility scooter.
Airwheel E6
Airwheel is devoted to developing the best personal electric scooter for consumers, which is eco-friendly and convenient enough to grant them a quality life. Powered by electricity–clean energy, Airwheel green electric scooter is able to emit no exhaust during the ride, leaving no pressure on the environment. Also, some Airwheel models are equipped with high-quality lithium-ion battery, but the obvious difference between them lies in the battery installation. For example, if the battery runs out halfway, users can replace it with a full one and continue to move on. Such an innovation makes long-distance travel be possible.
Airwheel E3

Besides, thanks to its energy-saving feature, it only consumes little energy for a long range. Thus, it is definitely able to make every penny of the riders count. What’s more, Airwheel lightweight electric scooter won’t cause any noise pollution to the environment due to the magnetic levitation motor mounted on the vehicle. As we all know, the traditional electric assist bike cars will bring some annoying noise to not only the passengers but also the passers-by. Walking or driving on the road, people have to turn on radios or put on earphones to avoid such terrible noise. However, with the magnetic levitation motor, noise is no longer a problem. Riders can enjoy a quiet ride on the road, conducive to themselves and others.
Airwheel R5
Environmental hazards often seem too great for individuals to tackle. However, every little makes a miracle. Airwheel mini electric scooter, developed with high technology and innovation, is regarded as the eco-friendly vehicle among the industry, which can definitely make contribution to the environmental protection.

Airwheel R5 Electric Assist Bike: Conveniences of a Car with the Benefits of a Bicycle

Abstract: When speaking of electric bike, it is hard to describe what an electric bike is all about in quick ways. But the idea can come up with as: Electric bikes combine some conveniences of a car with the benefits of a bicycle. So does Airwheel R5 electric assist bike.

With the convenient of a car and the benefits of a bicycle, Airwheel R5 electric powered bike is ready to hit the road for the commuter and daily riders.

Convenience of a Car
With R5, you can get around quickly with no sweat. Portable and foldable, R5 allows riders wear the normal work clothes to work, or run errands around city without sweating all over. Airwheel R5 foldable electric bike makes it easier for daily errands. With the three riding modes, riders can take it as easy as possible and get around with little sweat in power assistance mode. When it is in cold weather, you can bundle up. Pedaling will help you get warmed up, but not too much sweat. R5 electric assist bikeAirwheel R5 Airwheel R5 helps people enjoy the ride. R5, as an electric bike, can also help those disabilities who cannot drive a car to reconnect with the riding happiness.

Benefits of a Bike
One thing we like most about a bicycle is that it can go almost anywhere. Airwheel R5 citizen e bike can also do that. Thanks to R5, riders can choose the pathways which are not open to cars, bike paths and small streets that don’t have much traffic. Riders can get to the destination quicker by R5 than in a car owing to R5’s versatility. There is another way R5 can save you time and money. Simply folded, you can keep R5 at home. You can forget about the frustration of searching for a parking spot and potentially having to pay for it.

Riding R5, it is pretty nice to forget about traffic. Riding away from any of the major streets, you can plan your day avoiding the traffic jams. Enjoying a nice Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike riding in the open air, there is nothing so refreshing to have a ride on warm day. Any time you can enjoy the fresh air while gliding along on R5 is a good thing.

Airwheel R5 Electric Powered Bicycle Gets Two Bikes in One

Abstract: When speaking of electric bike, a lot of people may question how they are any better than riding a conventional bicycle. In their opinion, electric bikes promotes less exercise and are heavier to handle when the motor off. Integrating two bikes in one, Airwheel R5 will overturn these stigmas around electric bike. It is a great option for commuter in busy urban areas.

Overturning the partial opinion that electric bike stays with heavy weight and less exercise, Airwheel R5 has adopted new design concept. With the combination of conventional bike with intelligent electric bike design, Airwheel R5 electric aided bicycle has made two bikes in one with multiple modes of riding. It can help those with ailments that forbid them from putting additional pressure on the knees when climbing. Meanwhile, it can help riders have enough exercise.

City electric Bike

Commute could be quicker with the motor-assisted mode. Riders will most likely find that the journey is shortened in length thanks to the extra help from the powerful motor. You don’t sweat as much to get to the destination. R5 city electric bike gives you a higher road speed and a greater air flow. That is to say, you can wear the same set of clothes you want to wear to work or to rush for a meeting without arriving with sweat. It is great for the hustle and bustle city life. The extra speed and acceleration from the motor mean that you can stop and start in traffic and at junctions easily.
City electric Bike
R5 electric assist bike is fun to ride, which is a much different experience to riding any other type of bike. R5 gives you the opportunity to sit back, relax and take in the surrounding you might not have noticed before during you journey. When the motor is on, you will feel tired on your journey, which is much less effort. When the motor is off, you can have a good workout on your journey home. With folding feature and light weight, you can ride it to go shopping flexibly and put it to car trunk for further travel.  Riding R5 can be less damaging to your knees and joints. It is great option for people of all ages and health. The upright seating position can also reduce back and neck pain.

Explore the Unknown with Airwheel R5 Electric Moped Bike

Abstract: Once, Beckham went on an adventurous trip to Amazon Rain Forest as well as his three friends by motorcycle, which made more people interested in riding motorcycles around the world. As a matter of fact, people don’t necessarily go to some places afar in order to experience the sense of adventure. An Airwheel R5 electric moped bike is also able to achieve the same effect.

Nowadays, we live in a world that is filled with things and people they already know. It is very likely for them to get bored about life. However, not everyone can just model after David Beckham and ride a motorcycle to a distant place. Plus, given that motorcycle consumes gasoline, it is not that environmentally friendly. Therefore, people can choose an Airwheel R5 electric assist bike to explore the unknown around the city.
City electric Bike
Airwheel R5 electric folding bike adopts electricity, a clean energy source, as the power source, thus doing no harm to the environment. Apart from that, due to its small size and light weight, riders can go around the city without any boundaries from the traffic condition. They can go to any place they want and feel free to take a rest if needed. For urban residents, this activity will tremendously release their stress and also fulfill their desire for adventure.

More interestingly, Airwheel R5 citizen e bike supports three ride modes—man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles and riders can alter each mode freely to achieve different range. It is worth mentioning that R5 can provide riders a 100km range in power-assisted mode. In electricity-assisted style, the 235W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.
citizen e-bike
Also, Airwheel R5 electric moped bike, like other intelligent electric scooters, is equipped with smart App. App fault self-diagnosis guarantees your safety before travelling. Attentive intelligent design to set the speed level makes an easy and safe riding. The charm of life lies in the unknown part instead of what people already know. As a result, it will be much more fun to ride an Airwheel R5 folding e bike around the city and start to explore those places and things that remain undiscovered.

Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle is more practical than your imagination

Abstract: You may have many requirements for the vehicle, be fit for city commuting, be portable to be taken, be driven by pure man-power or be rode in a relaxed and labor-saving way… If we select one bicycle type to satisfy all of the requirements, Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle must be one of the recommendations.

People’s demands vary in daily life. Everyone wants to have more convenient city travelling such as self-drive travel, cycling without spending too much energy or cycling full of sweat… At this moment, do you feel that only one type of vehicle is far from perfect? You have such an idea mainly because you don’t know Airwheel R5 citizen e bike.
Airwheel R5
As an electric bike, R5 is collapsible. The mini bike which only sizes 700mmⅹ710mmⅹ380mm after being folded can be very easily kept in the corner of home or company and even can be taken into buses, underground or elevators. In this scenario, R5 electric assist bike can assist users to plan the route more flexibly so as to ensure the most efficient and comfortable journey. Meanwhile, when coping with self-drive travel, R5 can be packed into car trunk, instead of being tied up on a bicycle frame on the top of a car.

Different from traditional bicycles, R5 electric assist bike is equipped with hub motor and there are three ride styles to be available-fitness ride style, power-assist and electricity-assist ride style. Under the fitness mode, users need to pedal it purely by man-power to achieve the exercise effect. During the journey, riders will become more and more tired with the original riding way but it is not necessary to stop since they can switch it to the pure power ride mode, which is driven completely by electricity so as to recover. Sure, the best shall be the electric-assist mode where 0~11 levels gears are provided for controlling the strength of exercising.

Plus, R5 electric moped bike can also bring users more comfortable experience and convenience. Coupled with sensitive technology, it can know the forth produced by feet automatically and output assist power depending on different situations. Besides, the battery pack is expanded with USB port for supplying power to the daily intelligent devices.

In conclusion, Airwheel R5 is more practical than your imagination.

To Feel the Good by Riding Airwheel R5 Electric Assist Bike

Abstract: There are a group of youngsters around us who are active in seeking joy and pleasure for life. They are smart, unusual and they can do very well in each field. Guys who like assemble and disassemble parts can been seen commonly. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike gathers three riding modes and it runs well by varying speed. If you are not capable of refitting technology, R5 can basically meet up with your daily need.

In the past years, almost everybody had one bicycle and this vehicle provides great convenience at that time. With the fast development of transportation, bicycles are gradually replaced by more advanced vehicles. However, there are still some youngsters who insist to achieve their dream of leisure riding or competition riding. Airwheel hopes that those who aren’t good at refitting vehicles can have chance to take a close connection with fashion. The release of R5 citizen e-bike will attract more people to notice this new transporting vehicle.
Airwheel R5
Airwheel has contributed many outstanding intelligent vehicles for the new generation consumers so stepping into the field of bicycles is also logical. The riding product that has been ignored for a long time, under the application of intelligent technology, will certainly make you feel good. R5 electric assist bike retains the classical gearing and is added by power in the structure so that it widens the variable range.
Airwheel R5
Initially, bicycles are very heavy and later it weighs less with the style of big hub and narrow tyre. Even though, they take a large space when parking. Airwheel sets three-step folding with less energy and space. After bending the main body, rod and handrails, riders can carry it very conveniently. Office workers can directly take them into office corner. The most amazing part lies in the three-mode owned by R5 electric power bicycle. When you’d like to ride without spending any energy, the electric-only mode can output electric energy and drive each key part to operate continuously; when you want to ride but don’t want to be very tired, you can set the speed under the electric assistance mode; but when you choose to find pleasure by riding bicycles, fitness-mode will help you get out of electricity completely.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves to feel the good by riding Airwheel R5.

Electric Power Bicycle Gives People an Unprecedented Riding Experience

Abstract: Offering three quite different riding styles, electric power bicycle can give you an unprecedented riding experience.

Ever since its appearance, bike has been a popular means of transport for it’s very convenient. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, bike has developed to adapt to modern life. A case in point is the introduction and popularity of e-bike, which is meant to take place man-powered bike. Though exhausting and inefficient comparatively, from another viewpoint, the man-powered one still has its own merits. It can save electric power, and riding it is a good way to work out. As a result, according to different riding purposes, people can choose different kinds of bikes. However, if there is a bike supports both the man-powered and the electricity-powered style, it will be great.
Airwheel E6
To our surprise, Airwheel introduced such a multifunctional bike- R5 electric power bicycle in early October 2016. More than these two riding styles, R5 has introduced a brand new riding style- power-assisted mode under which man-powered riding is assisted by electricity. Offering three quite different riding styles, can give you an unprecedented riding experience.
Airwheel S6
The man-powered mode lets you slow down a little bit and enjoy yourself. In your free time, you can choose man-powered mode to ride leisurely so as to have relax. It’s better if you go with your friend to see beautiful scenery in and around the city riding an R5 electric assist bike. Moreover, while relaxing yourself, you can build up your body and keep healthy.
Airwheel Z3
The electricity-assisted mode lets you enjoy efficiency. When you go to work, you can choose this mode to save time. The 235W powerful hub motor, branded Li-ion battery and 16-inch tyres of R5 guarantee a great riding experience. With a maximum speed of 20 km/h, R5 citizen e-bike lets you move fast while ensuring safety.

The sensing power-assisted mode lets you have a brand new riding experience. With the application of sensing technology, R5 folding e bike can automatically sense the amount of the force on the pedals and assist the riding with an adequate output of power. As a result, you can enjoy the pleasure of man-powered bike riding and avoid great physical exertion.

In summary, you can switch freely among these three styles to enjoy yourself.

The Eye-Catching Products in EICMA 2016 —Airwheel E Scooters And E Bikes

Abstract: EICMA is the global two-wheeled transport and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place in Milan, Italy. As the most popular products recently, Airwheel e scooters and e bikes will also be displayed in EICMA 2016 and be the eye-catching products there.

As one of the most famous motor show, EICMA will attract dealers and world known companies to show their latest achievements on motor and cars. Airwheel electric walkcar is no exception. The long-anticipated event will last from Nov 8th to Nov 13nd 2016 in Fiera Milano RHO (Milan Convention Centre in Rho area of Milan).
Airwheel mini electric scooters have also been the popular toys and helpful vehicles among people in recent years. This time Airwheel with its electric scooters and folding e bikes will take part in the EICMA 2016 and to become the eye-catching products at Booth No.: Hall 4, Stand F50. City travels must be the next project where creative enterprises will compete with each other because city travels are the new points where people concern a lot.
As the revolutionary products in city travels, Airwheel electric mobility scooters have become the new favorite and helpful products among modern citizens because of their great performances and convenience. And the differential needs of different user groups are also considered by Airwheel electric scooter in designing and producing products.
Airwheel electric unicycles are the first products series in Airwheel family. After that, Airwheel also introduced many product series for different user groups like A series sitting-posture electric scooters and M series electric drift hover boards. Earlier in 2016, Airwheel has successfully introduced its C series smart helmet and Z series and in summer, the intelligent e bikes released to consumers.

This time, Airwheel will bring its classic models as well as its latest products to EICMA 2016 and introduce the future directions of intelligent products. For instance, the Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is featured by different ride styles. Unlike the S6 and S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooters that are famous dual ride mode, Airwheel R5 portable e bike realizes three ride modes, say man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles.

Welcome to the EICMA and experience Airwheel e scooters and e bikes.