Airwheel R6, A Premium Folding Electric Bike with Many Unique Features

Abstract: In front of the heavy traffic, a small and convenient transport modality is urgently needed. The new product Airwheel R6 electric moped bike may be a solution which is not only small in size but also light in weight.

Modern artificial intelligence techniques are pervasive and are too numerous to list here. However, our trip between the residence and the working place becomes bitterer because of traffic jams. Airwheel R6 folding e bike comes as a solution to the traffic congestion, as it is not only small in size but also light in weight, which is a helper in your everyday life. Global e-bike market has been estimated to grow over 4% post 2022, as e-bikes production has increased with remarkable support from government authorities. Sure enough, Airwheel smart electric bicycle takes advantage of an opportunity to release many kinds of smart e bikes.
Airwheel R6
The global e-bike market is well-positioned for continued growth. An e-bike, commonly known as an electric bicycle, is a bike that has an electric motor aligned to the pedals of the bicycle, which supplies the differential force required for the forward movement of the bicycle. In accordance with ergonomics, R6 electric assist bicycle allows you to ride more freely with two ride modes—pedaling mode and moped mode. Operating the Airwheel R6 is intuitive once you find the power button. Strikes an excellent balance delivering high power with mid-level components for a reasonable price, you get throttle and pedal assist with an on/off on the throttle.
Airwheel R6
R6 is full of thoughtful designs. It is mini and slim and featuring automatic folding system. It can be folded by pushing one button and can be carried into elevator, subway, bus, or stored in the trunk of a car. Out of safety, R6 has equipped with embedded LED headlight that will comes in handy for you to recognize crossings in insufficient light. The back lights are to warn people and vehicles when it turns. Also, R6 trekking bike adopts changeable battery and is equipped with a USB port adaptive to mainstream electronics, so riders will not be embarrassed by running out of power anymore.

The New Airwheel R6 Electric Folding Bicycle Satisfies All Your Needs

Abstract: Focusing on using experience, Airwheel mars rover pays great attention to your needs. Fashionable appearance and powerful functions, Airwheel R6 smart electric bicycle can show your own riding style. It can also satisfy your various traveling needs with its multiple riding modes and automatic folding system.

From its externality to internality, the Airwheel new product R6 electric assist bike doesn’t miss any chance to enhance your riding experience. It is fashionable in appearance so as to add charm to you. It also has three riding modes for selection so that it both can satisfy your needs of building up the body and can give you an effortless travel. More than that, lightweight and automatic folding design, it aims to give you an efficient travel.
Airwheel R6
To begin with, smart electric assist bicycle R6’s appearance shows its unique understanding of fashion and design which reflects the idea of staying energetic. Simple and elegant in lining and having two frame colors for choice- white and black, which is matched by orange, R6 hybrid bike is trendy while showing the spirit of being vigorous. More importantly, thanks to an advanced low temperature painting technology, the appearance is able to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life and always staying shiny. While transmitting a positive attitude through its appearance, R6 shows its own strength with three riding modes available. If you want to build up your body, you can ride R6 under the man-powered mode. If you want to save both your energy and the electric power, you can ride under the power-assisted mode, which offers you a labor-saving ride while prolonging the range. More noticeably, with different gears available, you can control the amount of electric quantity transmitted to the wheels. And lastly, if you want to travel efficiently and effortlessly, you can ride under the electric mode.
Airwheel R6 ebike
Another important feature of R6 is the ability to stretch and contract the frame automatically. Offering wonderful riding experience, R6 lightweight trekking bike light and foldable also tries to greatly facilitate your travel with its considerate design. And its folding volume can be stored into any corner of the house or car trunk, so that you can enjoy an efficient travel with it.

Airwheel R6 Smart E-Bike Makes Every Journey an Interesting Experience

Abstract: Whether a journey is enjoyable or not, a travel transport is very important. Airwheel R6 smart e-bike is a transport that can make every journey an interesting experience. The cool appearance, rich ride modes, convenient storage and strong adaptability to different road conditions make it the first choice for every travel.

On the basis of diligent research and work, Airwheel offers many great travel transports and Airwheel R6 smart electric assist bicycle is one of them. Generally speaking, people judge whether a travel transport is good or not mainly according to the personal experience. R6 has done great job in offering excellent travel experience, which benefits from rich ride modes, strong adaptability to different road conditions and some other humanized designs. All of them contribute to a happy journey.
Airwheel R6
Cool appearance is the first impression of Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike on people. Indeed, it is designed by first-class designer in the world and every detail has been taken into full consideration. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame with high strength paves the way for light item weight but big load capacity. Airwheel selects car-level painting tech.

Airwheel R6

Low temperature painting technology enables R6’s appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance as well as long service life. A pair of 14-inch big tires is bright spot. The special tread pattern in the surface contributes to excellent grip performance, skid resistance and high stability. Then, R6 is able to challenge many different road conditions. The 230W wheel hub motor integrates electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking device so as to offer powerful and stable force.
Airwheel R6
Speaking of force, the imported and branded lithium-ion battery also plays an important role, which provides sufficient power supply for Airwheel R6 electric assist bike. According to power source, the ride mode of R6 can be divided into three kinds, including bicycle mode, moped mode and electrombile mode. As name implies, their power comes from man power, the combination of man power and battery, and battery respectively. Riders can select one in accordance with their own need. For example, if people want to take exercise, bicycle mode is the first choice. Above all, R6 offers journey power and diversified ride modes. Of course, it is interesting.

A fulfilling summer vacation with Airwheel R6 electric bike is at your fingertips

Abstract: Hot days are striking now and the only consolation is the summer vacation for students. How to spend such a precious holiday? Certainly study can’t stop but entertainment is also necessary. For those who have this treatment, a hybrid electric bike-Airwheel R6 electric bike can make their holiday more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling.

Summer vacation seems a paradise for those who are in student ages. It always mean a lot of outdoor activities will coming except studying at indoors. Here Airwheel R6 can be listed in your consideration for the travelling during the holiday. And it is believed that it will accompany you to have a more interesting, meaningful and fulfilling summer vacation. Maybe the most attracting part for R6 smart e-bike is its operating riding modes. The three modes are bicycle mode, electromobile mode and moped mode. For the first mode, it is definitely a green way to go out and riders can get exercises and feel the original pedaling under this mode; for the second mode, what R6 smart electric assist bicycle can provide is the full acceleration and the completely relax feel without spending body strength; and for the last mode, riders can enjoy the journey with ease through adjusting the 11 gears, which is a really fantastic experience. You, students, will love it very much.
Airwheel R6
To clearly know the each data, R6 intelligent electric bike is mounted with a trip computer. On the one hand, it can help the rider to alter freely among the three ride modes. On the other hand, the real-time data like the speed, riding mileage, electricity usage, setting and timely fault reminder etc., can be monitored so as to make the riding much safer. Furthermore, the red and bright brake light in the tail of R6 will be on when you press the brake switch to remind the pedestrian and vehicles behind you to reserve a safe distance with you.
Airwheel R6
Light in weight and small in size, R6 electric folding bike is also very portable. Its folding volume can be equivalent to a suitcase so putting it into a car trunk is also OK. Similarly, it also can be taken into the subway, bus and office. Obviously Airwheel R6 will accompany you to have a fulfilling summer vacation.

Airwheel R6 Smart Electric Bike—A Guidance to Future Popular Commuting

Abstract: With eco-friendly and efficient features, the e bikes are gaining acceptance in the transportation industry. The new things appeal to more people. Airwheel, by adding more intelligent features to the existing e-bikes, is bringing changes to riding—for instance the R6 hybrid bike.

Since entering the intelligent commuting industry, Airwheel has launched many series of smart vehicles to innovate the way people travelling. As an established intelligent vehicle manufacturer, Airwheel has launched a multi-functional R series of electric assist bike, to better serve daily commuters, as the e bikes with eco-friendly and efficient features are gaining popularity among riders. In the four models of R series, what are the unique features of R6 smart electric assist bicycle?

Airwheel R6

After continuous development, R6 has been rolled out and it has made some improvements in details and enhancing user experience. R6’s main frame is made of light-weighted aluminum alloy, enables it to carry a maximum weight of 100kg. Car-level painting makes it corrosion resistant and enjoys longer service life. R6 smart electric assist bicycle is equipped with 14 inch customized tires, with superior grip effect and suspension performance. The large wheel hub makes the vehicle move stably on even rough roads. Moreover, it has also been made extremely foldable. Riders just push one button to fold it automatically into a mini size to carry around or store.

Airwheel R6

Besides, riders can easily switch different operating modes. In the bodybuilding mode, R6 functions as a pure bike. Riders need to pedal to drive it ahead. This mode is fit for leisure riding or working out daily. But when riders switch it into a power-assisted mode, the powerful hub motor offers powerful and stable force. It can save riders’ physical labor. After a day’s toil, the R6 pedal assist bike will carry people around without causing any burden. It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h, faster than bikes. There is also a compromised choice, the electricity-assistance mode. Riders can pedal with the assistance of power output by the motor, with various gears available.

Airwheel R6 intelligent electric bike pushes riders to go out of room and leave cars at home. Now feel the magic of R6.

Airwheel R6 Pedal Assist Bike Initiates the Automatic Folding Function

Abstract: For the riding fans, anytime is suitable for outdoor riding. Airwheel has then rolled out its third electric folding bike in R series—R6, following the previous R5 and R3 to offer a new choice for customers.

During the year of 2017, Airwheel, the established intelligent vehicle manufacturer has given preference to the development of smart e bikes with the release R6 and R8. In addition the three ride modes, the highlight of R6 folding bike is the automatic folding system by pushing one button to fold or unfold it which is a great improvement and such function is also applied to H3 folding electric wheelchair.

Airwheel R6
The introduction of Airwheel fast electric bike have exerted a positive effect on the current society. The congested urban traffic and the worsening environment both call for less petrol-driven automobiles and more electric vehicles. Electric scooters are still not allowed to run on the main streets in many countries. But Airwheel R6 electric assist bike, integrating the efficiency of e-bikes and the traditional functions of bikes will be a good alternative on the urban roads.

Airwheel R6

R6 can act as a normal bike, which can be pedal-driven by human labor. But with the Li-ion battery, it is much labor-saving. Considering the recent battery explosion of the large companies, Airwheel can guarantee the safety of its battery, guarded by 8 circuit protection. This enables R6 to support three riding modes. But in a broader way, R6 pedal assist bike has elevated the practical functions of e bikes to a higher level. The branded Li-ion battery guarantees that there are sufficient power supply for a ride. But even in case of a dead battery, it can be driven forward by human labor. What is more, the battery is also swappable. With a USB port design, it is able to charge other electric devices.

Airwheel R6

It has possessed the agility and superior folding abilities of its predecessors. The 14-inch customized wheel hub ensures that the vehicle can negotiate with different road conditions and bring a comfortable riding experience. As a tradition for Airwheel products, Airwheel R6 smart ebike can be connected to smart phones via an app, which can display many details.