Swap Jam for Journey with Airwheel R8 Lightweight Trekking Bike

Abstract: Airwheel R8 is one of the most affordable e bikes in the line, available in two colors, relatively lightweight, large 26 inch tires provide float and momentum at speed for cross country riding. In accord with the outdoor travelling trend, Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike will swap jam for journey.
Airwheel R8
Known to all, the automobiles have been blamed for causing traffic congestion and pollution. Over the past decade, the ongoing emphasis by individuals and organization on the burgeoning issue of air and noise pollution and its ill effect on human life has advocated the demand for eco-friendly vehicles. Electric bikes has emerged as a viable alternative to address the issue as it not only eliminates air contamination but has also emerged as an important equipment for maintaining health and fitness. Airwheel R8 electric moped bike is such kind of transport. It is an efficient means of transportation to get to and off work and also be a reliable companion for outdoor travelling at weekends.
Airwheel R8
Airwheel R8 electric bike either powered by electricity or by man-labor, is an absolutely green vehicle. R8 electric cross bike will release the burden of the congested urban traffic. R8 can escort users for a safe and sound journey without being caught in heavy traffic. The brushless motor and 26 inch large tires make it suitable to be ridden on many road conditions. What’s more, it has three different ride modes, man-power mode, pure electricity mode and moped mode allowing riders to enjoy different riding pleasure and achieve different purposes. In the pedaling mode, you can do exercise. When they get tired of riding, they can choose the pure electricity mode to enjoy an effortless riding. In the eclectic mode, R8 moves at a stable speed of 20 km/h that enables riders to embrace the breeze and enjoy the scenery. Even climbing slopes is not a daunting job for R8. After a day’s trip, “feed” R8 with electricity. The lithium battery is not only replaceable, but also has an USB port to charge electronic devices.
Airwheel R8
High speed of innovation in the e-bike sector–bicycles with electric drives and traditional bicycles converging in appearance will continue and riders will have more choices in the future and now, you can swap jam for journey with Airwheel electric assist bike.

Come To Know the Airwheel New Arrivals

Abstract: In addition to the R6, R8 and C8, Airwheel has released H3 and A6S smart wheelchairs in 2017. Each of them has their own features and their release caused a big sensation in the whole market. Come to know them.

Following C5 and C6, Airwheel successfully developed a wearable equipment for racers— C8 adventure helmet. Like the previous two, it fulfils the recreational purpose as well the demand of safety protection. The built-in camera allows of record and the Bluetooth enables the rider to answer a call without whipping out his mobile phone. But, it pays more attention to racing activities. It can be used as a full face helmet with external peak visor attached, or the peak visor can be removed and you have an aerodynamic touring helmet.
Airwheel A6S
Also, R series has welcomed another two models, R8 and R6. R8 electric mountain bike is famous for the excellent traffic ability, which is an ideal tool for riders to release pressure. The branded super large wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 Triangle frame electric bike to conquer various road conditions. R6 is touted as the excellent PT for those who have to commute between the residence and the workplace each day. With Airwheel R6, they will not care about the traffic jam any more. What is more, riders can press one button to extend or contract R6 automatically.
Airwheel R8
With the release of H3 and A6S electric wheelchairs, Airwheel officially entered to the wheelchair sector. Both are equipped with a soft and wide saddle on it, featuring dual mode of ride—by man-larboard and by lithium battery. It is made of aluminium alloy material, with better load ability and durability. Riders can switch freely between the two modes. Both have their own features.

Airwheel H3 wheelchair

With the automatic folding system, H3 electric folding wheelchair is easy to store. The uniquely designed dynamic drive suspension offers greater climbing ability and comfort when traveling forward and in reverse. A6S self-balancing wheelchair installs the gyro system to control it to go forward and backward and relies on the handlebar controller to turn directions. Moreover, the controller can be mounted on either side of the chair to accommodate right and left-handed individuals.

Airwheel R8 Electric Cross Bike Combines Aesthetics and Mechanics Perfectly

Abstract: With the increasing popularity of e bikes, Airwheel R series of electric assist bikes develop and grow quickly. Now, there are four different models, R5, R3, R6 and R8. As the newest product, R8 electric mountain bike inherits the merits from the previous models and combines the aesthetics and mechanics perfectly.

How to make breakthrough in the mature industry, like e bike sector is difficult. Airwheel has much experience in manufacturing and selling self-balancing scooters and since 2015, Airwheel has altered its attention from electric scooters to smart e bikes. As of now, there are four different models in R series of electric cross bikes, R5, R3, R6 and R8. R8 inherits the merits from the previous models and combines the aesthetics and mechanics perfectly.
Airwheel R8
Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike can bring great pleasure for riders, as they can ride R8 to go different places and appreciate different experiences and riding R8 is helpful to relax their body and refill energy so as to start a brand-new week. R8 installs 26-inch tires with unique tread pattern that is specially customized, which have excellent skid resistance and grip effect. Its brushless motor takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, with precise controllability, invariableness turning speed and power saving, greatly reducing friction during running to give riders a smooth and low noise ride.
Airwheel R8
What’s more, R8 chooses the triangle frame that is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminum alloy casting to lock the joint, firm and crush resistance. Since it is designed for the public, R8 Triangle frame electric bike is suitable for different groups with the adjustable handle design to ensure the most comfortable riding experience. Moreover, the saddle of R8 lightweight trekking bike is carefully designed. The high quality leather is featured by good ventilation and resilience force to improve the riding comfort and reduce fatigue during long time riding.
Airwheel R8
Neither installing the electronic brake nor somatosensory brake, Airwheel R8 electric assist bike chooses the disc brakes. When emergent braking occurs, riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance. The braking system is effective to guarantee the safety of the riders. To further keep riders’ safety, R8 is equipped with a trip computer on the handlebar to learn the condition.

Airwheel R8 Smart Electric Bike Offers A Safe Off-Road Ride To Riders

Abstract: Safety is the pre-condition of fun and happiness. Therefore, Airwheel has been making all efforts in enhancing the safety factors of its smart electric scooters. Airwheel R8 is a safe triangle frame electric bike. It was released in the year of 2017 and its features and performance make it stand out from other models.
The safety is of utmost importance. Airwheel R8 is a safe triangle frame electric bike. It was released in the year of 2017 and its features and performance make it stand out from other models. For the purpose of safety, Airwheel installs the signal lights on both sides of Airwheel R8, which makes most of its signal lights at night. With the signal lights turning on, it will remind the people around him of turning. It effectively avoids the pedestrians on the road. It not only protects the rider but also protect others. Therefore, R8 benefits both the user and the people around him. At the same time, the tail light was amount on R8. This makes the ride at night safer. If the illumination on the road is poor, it is potentially dangerous. The car behind the rider easily clashes him for the driver cannot see the rider clearly. With the tail lights, the drivers of the car behind the riders can see them clearly so that these drivers can bypass them. It enhances the safety a great deal.
Airwheel R8
The pedals mounted on Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike with special texture are made of rubber to absorb the shock and make you safe on the way. What’s more, operating rod is designed to be adjustable, in a bid to provide riders a more comfortable and elegant riding experience. When there is emergency, the excellent front and rear disc brakes will make riders deal with different kinds of road conditions easily. It is also equipped with the USB port, so riders can charge his cell phone and other digital products on the way of travelling.
The shock mitigation systems under the saddle enable riders to conquer various road conditions smoothly and gracefully. Once Airwheel R8 electric assist bike bumps into the obstacle, it will help reduce the impact to protect the rider at any time. come to enjoy the safe off-road riding experience.

Riding Airwheel R8 Triangle Electric Bike Is Tom’s Cup Of Tea

Abstract: Airwheel has been gaining its footing in the sector of electronic scooters with the help of its spirit of keep innovative. Actually, to be modern is not necessary a best way to keep innovative. At times, it is another way to keep innovative to back to be traditional. Airwheel newly developed R8 electric mountain bike bears a strong testament to this statement.

Any firm who intends to gain its footing in the market must keep itself innovative to be competitive. Once it loses the advantage of innovation, it will be left far behind its competitors. So does the sector of electronic scooters. In the sector of electronics, the ever-changing market is full of increasing competition. Airwheel keeps innovation and keeps releasing new products, say the R8 triangle frame electric bike.
Airwheel R8
Different from previous e-bikes, Airwheel R8 Triangle frame electric bike adopts the design of chains like the traditional bikes. The triangular frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminium alloy casting to lock the joint, leading to high performance of crush resistance. That is why it looks traditional. This is not the whole story, for it keeps its previous electric mode—R8 electric cross bike is powered by electricity and at the same time it supports human mode. When the rider get off work and feel tired because of strong pressure from work, he could opt to use the electric mode. This mode will require no force from the rider. The rider can enjoy the easy riding without any labour. If he wants to work out, he can use the human mode. It saves much time and also serve to help the rider do exercise.
Airwheel R8
When it comes to its parameters, Airwheel R8 lightweight trekking bike is still a magnificent vehicle. Its max speed reaches as much as 20 km per hour. With a full charge, it can cover some 100 km, which is sufficient for the one-day commute in the city. The moped mode and the manual mode offer more options to the rider. Another draw is its portable battery. The versatile battery can be used as power source of R8 and be used as a movable battery source for the mobile phone of the rider.

Airwheel R8 Trekking Bike Opens a New Intelligent and Off-Road Riding Era

Abstract: Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike has been reputed for its excellent traffic ability and unique designs. All the features are designed in a bid to achieve higher level of comfortability. It is an interesting and multi-functional vehicle.

From the current transportation industry we can see that the vehicles are evolving towards an intelligent trend. Traditional e bikes with a large battery leaves people the impression of bulkiness. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike, with brilliant performance and intelligent features will redefine people’s concept of electric bikes. The bright colors, including matte silver, porcelain white and graceful orange, make R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike elegant and tender, yet sporty and joyful at the same time.
Airwheel R8
First of all, R8 can be totally powered by electricity, more eco-friendly than automobiles. It can be connected with public transportation like buses, subways and trains. Secondly, R8 lightweight trekking bike can be pedaling to do exercise without the consumption of battery power. Thirdly, R8 can be a moped with different levels of battery power consumption available. What is more, R8 electric cross bike occupies very little space on the road and it can move freely in the crowds. It has adopted a 26 inch tire. The branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions.
Airwheel R8
Lastly, Airwheel R8 also possesses intelligent features. R8 is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery. An USB port added to the battery has made it possible to serve as a portable power supply for other electric devices. There is an App customized for R8 triangle frame electric bike provides services like real-time positioning, riding data checking, personal setting, alarm system. An intelligent ABS (Anti-skid braking system) on R8 offers optimized power scheme, agility and stability in emergency braking after accurate calculation. These intelligent features provide security guarantee as well as good user experience for customers.
Airwheel R8
Airwheel has insisted a consistent rigorous style of refining each detail, from product development to quality test. R8 electric assist bike’s good quality depends on the good materials chosen, the best accessories, and the craftsmanship.

Airwheel R8 Electric Mountain Bike Brings Sweet Surprise To Riders

Abstract: In May 2017, Airwheel came out with two new product–R8 and R6 electric assist bikes featuring multiple ride modes. Its appearance means e scooter is not the single attention for Airwheel and a new era of e bike is coming.

New product Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike of R-series appears with its unique and elegant outlook and smart operation to the public. Features of high safety performance and multiple function will draw attention from more e bike-lovers. Airwheel R8 will bring sweet surprise to riders’ ordinary lives. Perfect hardware facilities and intelligent operation ensure the security, meanwhile, make riding more comfortable and exciting.
Airwheel R8
Riders can enjoy the wonderful journey without worrying about the worst nightmare, running out of juice thanks to the modular battery design of Airwheel R8 hybrid bike. The top speed of R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike is 20km/h, and the limit speed is very convenient to adjust as riders’ wish. If that’s all it takes, there is no enough attraction to e bike-lovers, so, safety plays a key role. The front and rear disc brakes of R8 has high safety performance, riders can brake quickly. When there is emergency, the excellent front and rear disc brakes will make riders deal with different kinds of road conditions easily. Its trip computer allows riders to monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, battery, settings and timely failure alert etc., to make riding much safer.
Airwheel R8
Another obvious feature of R8 lightweight trekking bike is the much more humanism designs which not only makes city riding more comfortable, but also makes customer base wilder. The handle can be adjusted for different groups to ensure the most comfortable riding experience. For smooth riding, the damping system can absorb shock. The branded wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, allowing R8 to conquer various road conditions.
Airwheel R8
Intelligence is another label on R8. It can be connected to riders’ phones via App, once connected, all data about it will show on the App, then people can control R8 electric mountain bike such as turning on lights, locking and unlocking, GPS and so on at their fingertip via App. R8 makes a great breakthrough of traditional bike design, and ushers a new era of e bike.

Ingenious Designs Define the Airwheel R8 Triangle Frame Electric Bike

Abstract: The original intention of electric bikes is to save time and energy for daily commuters. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike is more than a bike mounted with battery. There are too much innovative features designed to make it a more scientific product and provide the best user experience.

Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike with ingenious designs will overturn people’s traditional concepts about the new type of commuting device. Appearance delivers first impression but internal quality determines its popularity. Airwheel always highlights the comfort level when introducing new products. It can be purely driven by electricity or riders can pedal to drive the vehicle with the assistance of the ahead. There is a button on the handle and the vehicle accelerates easily by riders pushing the button.
Airwheel R8 electric bike
Turning off the power assistance, it can function as a traditional bike. Therefore, R8 lightweight Triangle Electric Bike has bodybuilding functions for daily commuters who lack time to work out in gyms. Mounted with high-performance motor and Li-ion battery, the vehicle also enables power-assistance and electricity assistance operating mode. Riders can choose different operating modes according to their physical status. Even when the vehicle is run out of battery, riders can still pedal.
Airwheel R8 electric bike
R8 adopts 26inch large wheels and it can confidently conquers complicated urban road conditions, without causing any discomfort. A smarter gadget as R8 triangle frame electric bike, is equipped with a customized App. Once downloading to a phone, the status of the vehicle will be more visualized. There will be no more worries about a breakdown on the voyage, if users check the fault self-diagnosis before a ride. Even when the vehicle is not by their side, they can locate it by the real-time positioning on the APP.

Nevertheless, more and more people find that with the continuous increasing of the popularity of modern city, people’s life is getting more indifferent and colder day by day. Now, they can ride R8 electric cross bike to have a ride and share their mood and experience. This is an important way to promote the relationship. With all these features, Airwheel R8 hybrid bike will definitely top all the other similar products in the market.

Airwheel R8 Electric Cross Bike Will Bring Riders Surprises Every Day

Abstract: The electric vehicle has a great development and is attracting more people’s attention with its outstanding and special advantages. Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike breaks the traditional conception and stands out. It is doomed as a portable and practical vehicle in your life and it will bring you surprises every day.

No matter in any industry, the companies with large market shares are always good at sustaining innovations and know how to jump from old technology to new technology along the sustained innovation path. Airwheel insists in bringing out its potentials to the most and providing the best products to its fans. Following R5, R3 and R6, Airwheel rolled out another product belonging to R series—R8 lightweight trekking bike. Light aluminum alloy frame, intelligent control system and imported are all mounted into R8.
Airwheel R8
Bringing unprecedented riding experience, convenient to use and paying attention to every detail, Airwheel R8 hybrid bike is competent to be your favorite bike. Firstly, the remarkable triangle-shaped body looks like very simple and elegant. But what’s the most prominent feature for this design that has already been acquired international patent? The intersection of triangle-shaped frame, just a small part, plays a key role. By lightly poking, users can finish the folding of the main frame and then pack the handrails, saddles and pedals. At that moment, they will find the R8 with different shape.
Airwheel R8
Besides, R8 Smart Triangle Electric Bike also has excellent performance due to the 26-inch large tires in facing with various road surfaces. Meanwhile, the EBS braking in the head and the headlight facilitate riders to move in night’s riding. For one thing, users can turn on the headlight. For another, the EBS braking will ensure the riding efficiency by providing different demand of energy consumption in accordance with systematic algorithm. Vector accelerator will make a scientific judge when starting for making it move smoothly and steadily.
Airwheel R8
Others are worth mentioning details as follows. If the battery pack is fixed on the body, it will be a trouble for charging or repairing. On the contrary, R8 electric cross bike installs replaceable design on its battery pack. The added USB interface also brings convenience to users as it can be portable power supply for charging smartphones. Moreover, its trip computer shows the instant info to make the journey safe.

What Can You Gain By Riding Airwheel Electric Scooter?

Abstract: Airwheel mars rover is a green alternative transport that both benefit environment and people’s health. In fact, riding Airwheel is extremely environmentally-friendly and comfortable to many riders.

Health is first and foremost to everyone, and riding Airwheel mars rover is definitely an environmentally-friendly and healthy way of daily commuting. The high tech innovations are successfully applied to advance the harmony between human and nature, protecting environment as well as improving the health for people.
Airwheel Z5
Airwheel electric mobility scooter is totally powered by electricity – a type of clean resource that causes no air pollution. Due to the premium battery performance, it is energy-saving and cost-effective since the scooter can easily run a non-stop journey of hundreds of miles with little electricity consumption. Therefore, riding Airwheel contributes to the emissions reduction and realizes energy efficiency. And riders can help to maintain a good environment by riding Airwheel. Moreover, the magnetized levitation motor reduces the friction, minimizing the noise caused by a running electric scooter.
Airwheel H3
Truthfully, a good environment will definitely contribute to people’s health, reversely, the well-beings of human will also play a positive role in protecting the environment because human and nature are interactive; therefore, it is equally important to keep a healthy way of life. Also, the Airwheel self-balancing scooter applies smart chips, like the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balancing. Riding it regularly can exercise riders’ balance ability. Other than that, the Airwheel R series of Smart Electric Bike with three different riding modes not only add much fun to the process, but also build up riders’ bodies comprehensively. By riding with Airwheel, riders can exercises the body and enjoy the pleasures from Airwheel riding.
Airwheel R6
Taking every people’s demand into consideration, Airwheel released H3 electric folding wheelchair recently, designed for those people who are wheelchair-bound. The whole wheelchair could be folded and the pedals could be dismantled, easy for package, delivery and storage in household. The value of Airwheel mini electric scooter lies in its contributions to a greener and healthier life, which is valuable to us for improving life quality. Have interest and click the website to consult: http://www.airwheel.net.