To Enhance Your Freedom, Comfort and Safety — Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: At Airwheel, we re-invented the wheel, both for the young and the old. Airwheel is not only home to electric scooters, but also innovative ones, such as the Airwheel H series—power chairs. H3S is going to enhance your freedom, comfort and safety.

Is it a problem for the old to get around freely? Airwheel has undergone several breakthroughs to provide more and more smart gadgets to facilitate the travel for the public. There are not only the mini electric scooters, but also innovative mobility aids for different groups, such as H3S folding electric wheelchair for the old.
Airwheel H3S
An excellent product does not depend solely on breakthrough, innovation, or the application of the high technology, but also depend on the riders’ satisfactory experience. Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair fully considers the ride’s demands and ride habits to give riders an unparalleled riding experience without satisfying the other aspects. The pedals are comfortable and antiskid, with three adjustable heights to meet the needs of different users. The armrests are retractable to make dinning and getting on/off easily and safely.
Airwheel H3S
More importantly, Airwheel R&D team improve the storage process, by introducing automatic folding system. To fold or unfold it, users just press the fold or unfold button on the controller. All the controllers rely on the joystick handlebar controller making the operation accessible to the senior citizens. Also, its interchangeable left and right joystick controller is to adapt to different riders’ habits. Also, H3S power and manual wheelchair is proud of its various ways of riding. That is to say, riders can choose to stand or sit to ride it, which is suitable for a wider range of application situation. Riders are able to choose the most elegant ride modes on different occasions.

H3S smart chair with brilliant traffic ability with thoughtfully deigned wheels is empowered to adapt to more road conditions and the joystick controller and Omni-directional wheel make H3S to turn directions easily. When going downhill, it will decelerate immediately until stops if rider releases the controller, which guarantees rider’s safety. Also, the companion mobile app adds much fun to the riding, as riders can not only learn the real-time status, but also remote control it. With H3S, you will achieve safety, freedom and comfort.

To Compare Two Airwheel Smart Electric Wheelchairs—H3S Vs A6S

Abstract: The appearance of Airwheel A6S is a revolutionary product in self-balancing vehicle industry. While the latest product H3S is also a smart chair, riders are wondering what the differences are. What are their unique features?

Controlled by user’s body inclination, A6S self-balance wheelchair features a quick reaction, fine-tuned for instantaneous and intuitive control. A6S is equipped with automatic alloy kickstands. The high quality front and rear kickstands make it park stably and safely. Additionally, A6S is equipped with 4 inch LED display screen on the controller showing the real-time data. A6S installs 14inch wheel and the unique design of exposed tyres make it have adaptability that is more extraordinary in outdoor environment. But, H3S is equipped with FOUR high-quality tyres.
Airwheel A6S wheelchair
As for the H3S Electric Wheelchair, all controls are depending on the handlebar controller. Its lightweight aluminium alloy frame, DC brush motor and the Omni-directional front wheels make Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair easy to negotiate on different road conditions. The pedals are comfortable and antiskid, with three adjustable heights to meet the needs of different users. One of features of H3S is the dual ride modes that bring unexpected comfort. That is rider can choose the electric mode or manual mode. Moreover, H3S is proud of its automatic folding system making its storage easier and more convenient.
Airwheel H3S walkers
Apart from their differences, the two smart chairs a lot in common, such as the comfortable saddle, interchangeable handlebar controller, and mobile App that can be downloaded from its official web. Both saddles are designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than the traditional wheelchair does. The handlebar can be placed in the right or left side according to riders’ habits. The built-in intelligent chip collects all the data that are transmitted wirelessly to the smart phone where calculations and analysis are made by Airwheel app and the visual data feedback is shown to the user in real-time, which is fun, playful, and trendy. Connect your e bike to your mobile device to see how long it takes you to cruise to your favourite spots in town with the Official Airwheel app. Art, style, and technology combine for a bespoke experience.

Is Airwheel A6S Self-Balance Personal Transport Your Type?

Abstract: Under Airwheel A-series, it is the second model following A3—A6S folding self-balancing wheelchair providing comfortable and stable riding experience. A6S is one of the new products with the aim to let more riders enjoy the tech advancement. Is it your type?

As known to all, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of Airwheel is that Airwheel pays attention to every detail and tries to understand its behaviour and how to move to improve its products continually. Airwheel A6S balance wheelchair is not only designed to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance, but also designed to give the masses more choices. Is it your type?
Airwheel A6S
Airwheel A6S features lightweight aluminium chassis, breathable saddle and removable handlebar for easy transfer and intelligent controller. Like A3, A6S is controlled by change of gravity centre, allowing riders to go forward or backward freely and easily. Unlike A3, A6S installs an intelligent controller to change directions. A wider and more comfortable saddle in A6S self-balancing wheelchair than A3 solves the difficult problem of current electric vehicles, which helps to promote it into the mainstream consuming market.
Airwheel A6S
Airwheel A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair is equipped with branded lithium-ion battery, featuring large power capacity and long range. Riders can check the electricity status frequently via the super large LED display that can be upgraded precisely to show the real-time data. Also, Airwheel has developed the app in Airwheel A6S. The user could download the app online, via which he could wirelessly connect it to his phone to have a look at the speed, left power and riding time. At the same time, the user could adjust the top speed. Since A6S belongs to non-motor vehicle, driving license is not needed, but in accordance with traffic law, riders should observe the same traffic rules that are applied to pedestrians. Please drive this wheelchair in pedestrian lane or bike lane.
Airwheel A6S
A6S portable electric wheelchair is designed to be able to conquer any terrain. Its excellent performance makes it popular soon and you will be sure to turn heads on roads when riding Airwheel A6S. Find more from or leave message via social media.

To Feel The Unique Beauty Of Nature With Airwheel H3 Smart Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair attract more riders due to its delicate and elegant exterior as well as humanized design for more comfortable riding experience. With the approach of winter, you can ride Airwheel H3 to feel the unique beauty of nature any time you want without other’s help.

Winter has warm sunshine in the afternoon, colorful fallen leaves in the morning or crystal snowflakes, but too many people miss these beauties because of coldness in the open air. However, Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs manufacturer allures people out of house and takes them to fully enjoy the beautiful nature.
Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair
H3 supports sitting-posture riding, which is more favorable to those who are physically inconvenienced. Different from other models, Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair is designed for outdoor activities. The adopted 12.5-inch front tires in Omni-directional design enjoy much better traffic ability and more stable riding. Meanwhile, the exclusively-designed grooves of tires improve performances of road holding ability, wear resistance, water discharging and heat dissipation. Therefore, Airwheel H3 has better adaptability to many tough road conditions, such as country roads, mountain paths, gravel roads or even muddy roads and so on.
Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair
Besides, Airwheel H3 is powered by Lithium 24V 18AH lithium-ion battery. The superior cruising ability save people from embarrassment of battery shortage outdoor. That is to say, people can take a one-day trip with Airwheel H3 foldable electric wheelchair so as to deeply feel the beauty of nature. Also, Airwheel designed many security details in H3, such as seal circuit, waterproof and dustproof, dual chips and double battery protection plate. What is more, it will automatically brake when your hand doesn’t touch the controller, which is super easy to control. To reverse, H3 will give you reminder if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others. If one rides H3 to have a cross-country trip, he just needs to enjoy it, rather than worrying about the range and safety problem.
Airwheel-H3-foldingwheelchair (3)
To make the riding more convenient, Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair is equipped with automatic folding system by pushing one button to fold it. People can ride Airwheel H3 to enjoy the warm sunlight in park or to appreciate the beautiful landscape in the open air.