One of Airwheel’s Most Sought-After Models—H3 Smart Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel is committed to quality control in every step and finding new ideas to make operation easier and safer. Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair is newly developed and has gained good customer feedback.

The lasting efforts make Airwheel today’s achievement. It has a strict quality control system covering materials selection, production, inspection and packaging. Besides, it has various testing equipment to guarantee the quality of every part. After the complete model is finished, trial riding is also conducted to test the performance. Airwheel H3, a new foldable electric wheelchair pays much attention to safety in parts design and operation.

Airwheel H3 wheelchair

Airwheel H3 has many innovations to guarantee safety. First, it is designed with a soft saddle to reduce the gravity center. The lower the gravity center is, the safer the rider will feel. Besides, it is much easier to learn. The rider just needs to sit on the saddle to control it. When rider slightly push the controller forward, H3 smart electric wheelchair moves forward automatically. If push backward, it will slow down. Compared with other standing posture vehicles, Airwheel H3 will make the rider feel relaxed and secure psychologically. The rider tend to have wrong operation with the standing posture scooter in emergency because of stress and deferred reaction. However, Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair manufacturer resolves the problem. During riding, if there are dangers ahead, the rider just needs to release the controller. It will automatically brake when your hand doesn’t touch the controller, which is super easy to control. To reverse, H3 will give you reminder if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others.

Airwheel H3 wheelchair

What is more, H3 portable electric wheelchair can be folded automatically by pushing one button. Its main frame can all be folded simply. It exemplifies the perfect match of structure and materials as the aluminum alloy frame is light in weight as well as tough in structure. When it is folded, people can lift it and store in any small space, like in car trunks. Its wheels are in Omni-directional wheel design and its operation is more flexible with 360°steering.

Airwheel H3 Power Wheelchair Has Uncovered A New Chapter Of Wheelchair Development

Abstract: For Airwheel and the whole electric wheelchair sector, H3 is a quantum leap. H3 has reached a new milestone: ergonomic handlebar controller, the latest generation saddle, App, and long range on a single charge.

An electric vehicle built to dominate the urban landscape, the Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair is a concept that will completely rethink the way people who are wheelchair-bound face city streets. To learn more information, please visit Minimalist industrial design and customized wheels are the distinct features of the first Series H model. However, its design simplicity does not forego unparalleled riding comfort, guaranteed by the cutting-edge materials with which the saddle is designed, and a structure capable of dealing with any type of road.
Airwheel H3
The most outstanding feature of Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is the automatic folding system, by pushing one button to fold and unfold it. With the folding size of 790 X 630 X 370mm,, H3 is easy to store. It offers a new sitting-posture riding pattern. A cosy and wide saddle is mounted onto the H3 electric folding wheelchair. Instead, they are able to sit on the saddle while putting their feet on the board and hands on the handlebar controller. Riders will never feel fatigued, even if riding for a long time. As a key part of the Airwheel H3’s design, the handlebar controller leaves nothing to chance: ergonomic handlebar controller provides an easy operation, imparting a feeling of greater safety when riding, and the smart phone App provides all vehicle status information in real time.
Airwheel H3
What is more, the shock absorber strut incorporated in the H3 smart electric wheelchair’s frame allows you to take on all types of road surfaces, from smooth riding city streets to more uneven off-road routes, remarkably absorbing any oscillations. And with eight-fold battery protections, Airwheel H3 is to safeguard your every riding. To sum up, the electric wheelchair family seems to have a breath-taking member upon release of H3.

Airwheel H3

The appearance of H3 automatic electric wheelchair has uncovered a new chapter of the wheelchair development, which will definitely embraces even more ground-breaking features and improvements.

H3 Smart Electric Wheelchair Is A Timeless Credit To Airwheel

Abstract: Airwheel H3 is a credit to Airwheel. It was released in May 2017 that was hailed as a historic moment. The moment H3 made its debut, it came under the spotlights. It comes a blessing to people who are wheelchair-bound. H3 created much of a stir in the electric wheelchair industry.

Fatigue never comes even if the scooter rider spends much time on amusing himself. For the reason of the large-scale adoption of stand-on riding mode, riders are always exhausted after a long-distance trip. Airwheel A3 sitting posture self-balancing scooter turns out to be a solution to this issue. What about the physically inconvenienced people? The new released H3 folding electric wheelchair comes as a blessing to them equipped with a softer and wides saddle than A3.
Airwheel H3
The branded lithium-ion battery is still used in H3. It provides large power capacity and long range for H3. Once fully charged, H3 can cover a quite long distance. H3 will probably become a trend leader in wheelchair sector owing to its convenience, affordability and environmental benefit. With Airwheel H3 portable electric wheelchair, there is no need to worry about the electricity blackout during the ride halfway.
Airwheel H3
Actually, it is understandable for consumers to have such a misunderstanding that H3 has so many advantages. Actually, such misgivings are not needed. On the one hand, its branded lithium-ion battery does well in power performance and endurance. H3 electric folding wheelchair can be connected with a smart phone App. You can check the electricity status on the phone or on the scooter display panel. The dream of controlling the scooter finally comes true in H3. Moreover, the entire H3 is capable of carrying 130 kg in total in spite of its lightweight design of 30.5kg. With the Omni-directional wheel design, its operation is more flexible with 360°steering.
Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair
Is it reasonable to regard the two new technology as the basic technology in H-series? There is no absolute answer. Both of the automatic folding system and intelligent controller are eye-opener. The automatic folding system ensures the easy storage and the intelligent controller makes sure the easy operation of H3 automatic electric wheelchair, notably for the beginner.